10 Apocalyptic Strains for Halloween

10 Apocalyptic Strains for Halloween

Being 2020, the spookiness of Halloween could prove unprecedented. Certainly, bongs will be toiling and bubbling, with apocalyptic cannabis delivery seemingly everywhere. It is vital one finds the right strain for this spooky mood. Even ghosts are alive this time of season. Slavering all day? Need a pick-me-upper? Want to be awake for it? No matter your needs, our strains will make sure you zombie right.

Of course, there is more to cannabis than just psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the higher the cannabinoid count, the stronger the potency. This is due to the entourage effect, a synergy of cannabinoids working together to boost efficacy of each. The more cannabis compounds in a strain, the more effective it is, both medicinally and recreationally.

As such, some strains might come with Halloween-perfect effects:

1. Deadhead OG

For those really wanting to zombify, Deadhead OG will chill you out properly. This strain is incredibly relaxing. In large doses, walking can really prove a challenge. Anyone seeing you hobbling down the road will die with fright or give you all their candy. Whichever comes first? It is a happy strain, though. A hungry one too. Ideal for sharing Halloween with friends, Deadhead OG ranks high this season.

2. Amnesia Haze

For those vampires wanting to shake some coffin dust with a zestier, livelier mood can depend on Amnesia Haze. This Sativa-dominant strain promises a happy, energetic buzz. It is uplifting, social, and euphoric even. If your plans involve a nightlong party, or if you need to wake up from one the night before, then this strain will give you the direct kick you need. A word of caution: You may well forget it.

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3. Death Bubba

For a night in with scary movies, consider Death Bubba for added company. It is perfect when properly immobile with just popcorn and terror on hand. An earthy strain with delightfully sweet undertones, Death Bubba will keep you calm when monsters start jumping out of your screen to haunt you all night. This is an Indica-heavy strain. Be warned: It can be tranquilizing in too-big doses. Couchlock style.

4. Head Cheese

Head Cheese is a special strain. It is so sticky it congeals excitedly. What is more, Head Cheese is insanely potent, with other characteristics that make it an unmatched strain all its own. This is a nicely balanced hybrid with immense pungency yet surprising palatability. Its effects make Head Cheese famous around the world. For Halloween, it will give you a lasting energy surge and a morgue-like chill a few hours later.

5. Death Star

With a name like Death Star, know that this strain is unique. Very psychoactive, it will leave you feeling very trippy. Spaced out. Properly stoned. Death Star is an Indica-dominant hybrid of high repute. It shoots a bolt of chill into the heart of the same adventure it sends you on. For a spooky night of untold mystery, this strain makes it onto our list. It is best with friends over a shared and bubbling cauldron.

6. Green Goblin

Green Goblin is another highly psychoactive strain. As its name implies, it initiates conversation with an enchanted otherworld. Very creative and inspirational, Green Goblin is a powerful and incredibly potent Sativa-dominant strain. It is motivating. Energizing. Perfect for a Halloween spring clean. You will feel sociable, giggly, mischievous, and curious. Ready to go wherever its enticing paths take you.

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7. Dragon’s Breath

For the busiest among us, Dragon’s Breath has much to offer. It will keep you going long after sanity if you still have chores to do, or if potions still need mixing for All Hallows’ Eve, or if you just want to see it all. This is a busy strain. Highly motivating. It focuses. Is creative. Social. However, it is also notably potent. Its powerful effects earned it its Dragon Breath name, so proceed with caution, any newbies.

8. Mendo Breath

Mendo Breath is another Halloween-perfect strain for serious zombies. Although it gives new life to pained, tired, haggard bodies, it is not a strain for interacting about town. Mendo Breath is very strong. Its Indica-heavy genes make for a physical stone like no other. You will want to stay in for the night with this one. Preferably with locked door. Hoarding all candy for yourself. This strain is famous for munchies.

9. Madman OG

Much calmer than its name implies, Madman OG is an Indica-dominant strain most worthy of Halloween. Although it promises a heavy stone, it keeps one from harm’s temptations. This is a homely strain. Best for watching paint dry. Any more notable activity may not prove advisable. Do not operate any machinery. Stay home. If you can after a hit or two, you can still give candies to doorbell-ringers.

10. Bloodwalker

Not for the faint of heart, for the bravest of brave only, Bloodwalker is the ideal strain for mingling with otherworldly creatures at Halloween. This Sativa-dominant hybrid inspires lengthy beach walks under moonlit stars, but do not let it fool you: Bloodwalker soon turns you into one yourself, whether vampire, werewolf, or whatever today’s identity, leaving you sleepy after several tumultuously fun blissful hours.

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Marijuana Delivery Santa Monica

Fortunately, cannabis delivery is widely and easily available throughout California. A quick Google search for “weed delivery near me” will show you who services the Santa Monica area. You can find all of these strains and more online, and at this late stage, have them arrive at your door in 45 minutes, likely less. However, research first. Not all have licenses. Not all are safety compliant. Not all are even real.

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