10 Best Cannabis Products for a COVID Christmas

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COVID-19 seems set to lock Christmas down again this year. With the Omicron variant spreading rapidly around the world, governments are setting mandates and keeping people home. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, vaccines only reduce illness severity. They do not stop the spread. Social distancing seems likely to remain in place for a time, and sadly, imposed for Christmas.

Fortunately, There Is Marijuana Delivery

Luckily, Los Angeles allows cannabis delivery. This is not true for all people around the world. You can order from the comfort of home. Further, you have an abundance of choices for any mood, any occasion, no matter the company. Some strains are family-friendly, among consenting adults, of course. Others are perhaps not. We list 10 of the most popular cannabis products of the year, just in time for Christmas:

1. Caviar Gold Moonrocks

The range of moonrocks on offer by Caviar Gold promises the crème de la crème of potency. Available in Sativa, Indica, and hybrid blends, you decide if you want energy, laziness, or a more balanced buzz. Moonrocks are cannabis buds saturated in resin, usually from the same strain, and then rolled in kief. As such, they are notoriously strong. THC levels in these moonrocks seem unmatched. Perfect adventure.

2. RUI Pre-Rolls

For those just looking for some fun this season, a few good pre-rolls by RUI are a must-try. Pre-rolls come already rolled for you, filled with Sativa, Indica, or hybrid strains. These each contain one gram, making them frankly enormous and likely to last some time. Convenience and potency promise hearty festivities with friends and loved ones. Get some snacks ready, because they can work up an appetite.

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3. NUG Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry Lemonade is as its name implies. Tasty. NUG grows these buds with extreme care. It is a popular hybrid strain of delightful origins. Its parents are the infamous Strawberry Cough and Lemon OG strains. Potency measures around 28 per cent, making it potent, but not so potent you cannot function. As such, it is perfect for any time use, making it an ideal choice for any occasion with family and friends.

4. STIIIZY Vaping Cartridges

STIIIZY offers a range of disposable vaporizers that fly off shelves. Those wanting a little more discretion and those wanting to avoid burning smoke will benefit especially from these. With potency measuring well over 80 percent, stoned is what you can expect. STIIIZY makes hybrid, Sativa, and Indica varieties that cater for every taste. For times when family gather, some might still want to avoid too much smoke.

5. Talking Trees Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is a bestselling cannabis concentrate with incredible potency. That made by Talking Trees oozing quality and makes the perfect gift for weed enthusiasts everywhere. At around 60 percent potency, this extract is especially fun. What is more, using it is an adventure all its own. One melts bubble hash. Dab it to your joints for extra strength. Your bowls. Try a dabbing rig for an extreme stone.

6. Korova Extracts

Korova has a potent line of cannabis extracts well suited to Christmas. Shatter, sauce, badder; they all ensure an experience like no other. Available in single grams, the company derives its products from quality strains. You get to choose your adventure according to strain and expected effects. This makes navigating the holiday season easier, especially if juggling several festive events with family and friends.

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7. Wyld Gummies

The range of edibles offered by Wyld is truly enticing. The company makes the tastiest gummies around, infusing them with specific strains and cannabinoid ratios. Some contain more THC than others do. Others have more CBD. There are hybrids too, as well as Sativas and Indicas galore. Wyld is famous for its high quality at affordable prices, a trait frequently missing from the Christmas spirit in recent times.

8. Herbarium Crispies

Herbarium produces edibles infused with the finest cannabis and is perfect for the family table. Its Peanut Butter Chocolate Crispy is especially popular, but its Rainbow Rice Crispy flies off shelves too. Dosed at 100 milligrams of THC at 10 milligrams per serving, everybody will be pleasantly stoned and happily enjoying everyone’s company. For many families, maybe even most, that alone could save Christmas.

9. Habit Peach Syrup

The Peach Syrup by Habit is a favourite in Los Angeles. It is a tincture made with peach essence and a mystery cannabis strain. Effects are nicely balanced, ideal for use anytime, day or night, and anywhere, with anyone. However, it is extremely potent. One does not need much at all for a full day’s buzz, and because of its liquid form, nobody even has to know about it. You can enjoy it discreetly or with friends.

10. Caviar Gold Cavi Cream

Cavi Cream by Caviar Gold is luxury. The finest Christmas gift anyone could ask for, this cream comes infused with cannabinoids. Specifically, the company adds equal parts THC and CBD for optimum effect. While this product will not make you stoned, it will soothe aches and pains, heal wounds and scars, slow signs of ageing, and rejuvenate skin. In fact, studies suggest it is a must-have for any serious beauty routine.

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Weed Delivery Los Angeles

With Christmas likely a quiet affair for most this year, cannabis delivery looks set to skyrocket. You can search Google for “weed delivery near me” to find these products and others to keep you busy this season. Remember to start slowly. Experiment. Most like to try a variety of products and strains. This way, you can find the ones you most enjoy and have a lot of very stoned fun in the process.

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