10 Cannabis Inspired Gifts for Dad

Cannabis Gifts For Dad

Shopping for the perfect Father’s day gift no longer has to be boring. With so many cannabis inspired gifts, you are sure to find the perfect present. From pipes to treats; there is the perfect gift out there for any cannabis champion in your life.

Before settling for a card, consider one of these cannabis inspired gifts for this Father’s day.

Marijuana Pipes

marijuana pipes

The perfect Father’s day gift for your dad this year might be a simple pipe. If your dad enjoys a smoke now and then, considering elevating his smoking game. Check out local shops to see what they have to offer. Avoid the basic pipes and look for something with more style. A hand carved wood pipe is a perfect gift for any dad who has an appreciation for the skill.


Marijuana vaporizers

Is your dad still stuck with the old school when it comes to smoking cannabis? One of the best cannabis inspired gifts for your dad this year is a vaporizer. Help your dad join the 21st century with his own personalized vaporizing pen.

Cannabis Treats

weed popcorns
If you live in a state where medical marijuana is legal, you are in luck. These states always have amazing local shops that make their own treats. With products like lollipops or cannabis popcorn, you are sure to find a great treat for your dad. Even better, create your own cannabis treat basket full of local edibles for him to snack on.

Personalized Marijuana Box

Personalized Marijuana Box


Is your father a traveling smoker? Consider making him a personalized marijuana box this year for a father’s day gift. Start with a simple wooden or metal box with his name engraved on the lid. Fill it with papers, a lighter and a gram of your current favorite marijuana strain. For extra points, throw in a pre-rolled joint that you both can share!

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Make Him Your Own Cannabis Oil

cannabis oil

Is your father always complaining about pain? Help your dad learn to deal with pain by making him some homemade cannabis oil. The healing effects of marijuana are sure to make a believer out of him. There are hundreds of cannabis oil recipes out there.

Cannabis Conventions

Cannabis Conventions
If your father is a serious marijuana champion, consider taking him on a little trip. There are constantly cannabis conventions taking place all over the country. These events are a great place for you and Dad to test out the latest strains. The best Father’s day gift has little do with the actual gift and more with the experience. Why not give your dad both?

Weed Delivery

marijuana delivery

One of the best cannabis inspired gifts for dad this year is online weed delivery. This is a great option for kids who don’t live close by but still want to give a gift. Imagine your dad’s face when he gets his favorite treats and strains delivered right to his door. Check out Pot Valet to see what strains are available near your father for delivery.

Cannabis Keepsake Box

cannabis stake box

A cannabis keepsake box is a perfect Father’s day gift for the sentimental and cannabis loving dad. These boxes can be completely personalized with a message. The best keepsake boxes are lined so that their weed can stay fresh for longer. Cannabis storage has come far from the shoebox that your father kept under his bed when you were a kid.

Potted Plant

cannabi potted plants

If you have a dad with loves marijuana and gardening, you are in luck. Marijuana grows kits are all the rage right now. Help your father find the marijuana cultivator inside of him with a potted marijuana plant. For extra measure, try to find his favorite strain. This will work as long as he lives in the right climate for marijuana growth. Also, make sure to include a packet so that he can safely and successfully grow his own marijuana.

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Choose His Own Adventure

marijuana dispensary

Does your father have an MMJ card? Consider letting him lead the way this year as a perfect Father’s day gift. Take him to your favorite local dispensary and let him pick out a few of his favorite buds and treats. This way the both of you can enjoy the day and your time together without any guesswork. For extra bonus points, let him pick out the snack foods you two enjoy later as well.

Final Thoughts

The best cannabis inspired gifts for dad are the ones that come from the heart. Chances are if your father is already a cannabis fan, you cannot go wrong. Indulging your dad this father’s day will build a stronger relationship between you. Not to mention, it will be a lot of fun.

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    Great idea.Cannabis gifts for dad will be the best one for my Dad.. 😀

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