10 Cannabis Storage Tips for California

10 Cannabis Storage Tips for California

Because cannabis is organic, it quickly degrades when exposed to the elements. Even if you keep it from the weather, time will still decompose it. Fortunately, it is possible to keep marijuana fresh for months, years even, after weed delivery. If you store it properly. The climate in California is harsh, among the harshest in the country. You do not want your favorite stash growing mold or otherwise suffering ruin.

This is why correct storage is so important. Luckily, it is easy to do. Weed will stay fresh for as long as you store it properly. Like wine, cannabis actually gets more potent, tastier too, when cured for lengthy periods. The right storage will achieve this. However, you will need quality jars for the job, preferably glass. Glass just works best, but whatever material you choose, never forget these 10 storage tips:

1. No Light

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, light is a trigger of decomposition. It is best to store weed in a dark place, out of any light. The darkest cupboard in your house is the one to use. If necessary, you can wrap it in clothes to keep it in darkness. Just make sure to store it in a cupboard or drawer that you seldom use, as frequent opening and closing it can let in too much unwanted light.

2. No Wet

Damp is another decomposition trigger. It provides the ideal environment for molds and other contaminants to destroy your stash. You must dry your weed properly before storing it, and you must store it in a properly dry place. If you buy quality cannabis from a trusted supplier, then it is very unlikely that you will ever receive wet weed. However, always check it first. If damp, leave it to dry a little first.

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3. No Air

You do not want air anywhere near your stash. According to the National Institutes of Health, it is yet another trigger for degradation. This is why glass works so well for storing weed, since it offers a good vacuum seal to prevent air getting inside. Invest in a quality airtight lid, even if you must fork out a little more for it. It will save you money in the long-term by protecting your buds for eons.

4. No Heat

Heat will denature any trichomes on your buds. Those sticky resin globs do not store well in heat. Further, quality suffers too, and warmth encourages bacterial growth, as well. Keep away from heat. Wherever you store your weed, make sure there are no fireplaces, stoves, heaters, hot water, or any other sources of heat anywhere nearby. The cooler you keep your stash, the longer it will last.

5. No Touching

While your weed is in storage, it is essential that you do not handle it at all. Touching buds loses THC and cannabinoids to your hands, and it damages trichomes in the process. Rather leave it alone until you need it. Fingering them will only cause you lose all the goodness in your buds, since the resin will stick to your hands. If you feel the urge to inspect your buds, ignore it. Do not give in to the temptation.

6. No Breaking Buds

It is very important that you do not break buds up when storing them. Some folks make this mistake to create storage space, but buds store best when left intact. When you break them into smaller pieces, it quickens the decomposition process, damages trichomes, and lowers potency significantly, none of which you want. Rather leave them be and only break them up when you are about to use them.

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7. No Stale Air

It is necessary to “burp” cannabis when curing it. In fact, “burping” at this stage is essential. Because storing weed effectively cures it, you want to “burp” it properly, which is daily during initial curing. You do not need to “burp” it much after that, perhaps once a month for 10 minutes. Close it afterward and put it back into storage. If you buy weed from a legal supplier, it should already come cured.

8. No Freezing

Unless you are storing weed for many years, freezing is not ideal. It is only advisable for long-term storage. Few ever store weed so long. It is best to leave weed unfrozen, since the defrosting process destroys trichome quality. It also creates damp, a very destructive environment that you really want to avoid. Store it in a cool area. It will last two years, even more, if you store it properly.

9. No Advertising

Although cannabis is legal in California, and increasingly in other states too, discretion remains advisable. You do not want to leave your storage jars out for all and sundry to see, especially if you grow your own. Not only might such indiscretion invite potential conflict with law enforcement, it leaves your stash vulnerable to theft, as well. Rather put it away, out of sight where nobody will find it.

10. No Unsafe Spots

It is imperative that you store your weed where it is safe. You do not want anybody, be it pet, friend, family member, or even gust of wind knocking it over by mistake and breaking it. Glass breaks, and if it does, you will be picking glass out of your buds, along with other unwanted debris on the floor, such as pet hair, dust, mites, and whatever lurks there. Such disaster could quickly render your stash unusable.

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Marijuana Delivery in Los Angeles

Storing weed correctly is actually easy to do, even if it does sound complicated. Just remember to follow these tips and you will not lose your stash prematurely to mold, bacteria, debris, or other catastrophe. When searching “weed delivery near me” in Google, make sure to choose reputable suppliers. Quality is important too. If you get bad weed, it will not store well. Rather invest in quality from the start.

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  1. Avatar for Jeri Jeri January 22, 2021 / 4:45 pm / Reply

    Great methods to save your Cannabis!

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    I always put my buds in a glass jar!! Old schoolers known wassup

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    Glass Jar is the way to go

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    Nice methods to collect and save cannabis

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    Yeah, all about the glass jar

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