10 Sought-After Jobs in the Marijuana Industry

Jobs in Marijuana Industry

The weed industry is booming. With it comes a variety of cannabis jobs that are employing thousands of people every year in California. Work in the pot market is an exciting adventure for weed enthusiasts and the industry is proving lucrative for many of them. Employment is available aplenty. Whatever your skills, it is likely that someone in the industry requires them:


Budtenders are highly sought-after in marijuana dispensaries. Because California has many, many storefronts, these jobs are available in abundance. It is an important role in working directly with consumers. You must have extensive knowledge of different strains, cannabinoids, terpenes, effects, and medical uses. You may need to attend a certification course to qualify for this position.

Store Managers

Many managerial jobs are also available for dispensaries. If you have some management experience, this may be a good fit for you. Managers do not need to be as knowledgeable about cannabis as budtenders do, but they must be adept at counting money, scheduling shifts, motivating staff, and all things managerial. Dispensaries are incredibly busy, so this job is not an easy one.


The legal market needs pot to sell. Growers are responsible for supplying dispensaries, giving those interested in botany an excellent opportunity indeed. Depending on the laws of your state, you could sell your homegrown weed and earn some money. Before you start cultivating, however, know if your state requires you to have a growing license. If you have experience growing, there is a job for you.


Marijuana edibles are the latest hot trend among pot consumers. There is massive demand for chefs to make all types of cannabis-infused edibles to supply this market. If you show much creativity in the kitchen, you have a higher chance of employment in this field. However, some companies require some experience as a pastry chef, even baker, since consumers demand more than just pot brownies today.

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Security Guards

California law requires that all dispensaries employ security guards. There is a huge need for those willing to protect the store from criminals and prevent illegal activities from occurring nearby. Security officers are also responsible for checking identification cards before allowing consumers into the store. You do not require experience for this position, although a history of similar work will help.


Bud trimmers travel to different cultivation sites and trim buds all day. It is a great way to make fast money, but work can be seasonal. Trimmers are mainly busy in October, but indoor growers require them year-round. You will not receive an hourly wage trimming buds, but employers pay by weight. The best trimming jobs are usually out of the way, so prepare yourself for much camping outdoors.


There is an enormous need for writers and journalists interesting in the marijuana industry. Blogs, press releases, strain reviews, product reviews, websites, even pot news, somebody has to provide the content. If you are lucky, you may even get to travel around trying new strains to write about, or you can have companies send you their products to try out first before reviewing.


Technicians are in high demand, particularly for extracting marijuana concentrates. Extractions are hugely popular among consumers needing potent, quality products, so you will need much knowledge about the biology and chemistry of both cannabis and solvents, as well as how to use the specialized equipment and machinery. This job is not for anyone without a background in chemistry or science.

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Delivery Drivers

Weed delivery is the future of marijuana sales in California and elsewhere. Dispensaries are offering delivery services to qualifying consumers and they need drivers to do the job. All you need is a good understanding of your city and a driver’s license. These jobs are widely advertised, but you could approach dispensaries directly. If they are not offering delivery yet, you could become their first driver.


Sales representatives are important in every industry. The marijuana market is no exception. Stores get their supplies through salespeople, from vaporizers to bongs, pipes, extracts, edibles, and everything between. You will need to travel between stores to maintain their inventory, but more importantly, you must have persuasion skills to sell new pot products to them. If you are good at it, the money is too.

Other Cannabis Jobs in the Marijuana Industry

These are just some of the most common and sought-after cannabis jobs in California, but there are others for those with unique skills. The industry is always looking for auxiliary professionals to help them find property, use banking services, and more. Lawyers, estate agents, consultants, and bankers can make exceptionally good money in the pot sector.

Canna businesses must comply with stringent legal regulations and need people to help them get it right. There are tax laws, property laws, cultivation laws, structural laws, manufacturing laws, distribution laws, and much, much more. If you have skills that could help them succeed, then you will find a job in the industry, whether you are an accountant, building inspector, even a doctor.

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Final Thoughts

If you want to work in the pot industry, then think outside of the box wherever possible. Invent exciting new products, create tasty new edibles, or develop new lighting systems. No matter what you do, you can usually find a way to apply it to the cannabis industry. When applying for any cannabis jobs, big or small, try to make yourself stand out from other applicants. Competition is rife.

Finding cannabis jobs is as simple as looking for them online. Many websites proudly display marijuana-specific job listings, such as Indeed and 420 Careers. Employers are using a variety of online platforms to find suitable candidates. Alternatively, you can try the friendly, approachable way of petitioning manufacturers, distributors, dispensaries, cultivators, and others face to face. Networking works.

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