10 Advantages of Marijuana and How You Can Make the Most Out of it


While it may be a surprise to some who do not know about marijuana, the plant has many benefits and advantages. Knowledge, both evidence and opinion based, is spreading about the plant as marijuana moves out of the shadows.

Based on various studies and anecdotal reports, the following is a list of 10 advantages marijuana can bring you. There are more than just 10 advantages, and as we gain a more in-depth insight into the plant the facts will become common knowledge.

The benefits span from economic to industrial and public health as well. The following list is focused on 10 advantages of health:

benefits of Marijuana

  1. Help to Regulate your Metabolismhealt

Recently, studies have shown that marijuana could be a useful insulin regulator. Some research has also shown that cannabis users are, on average, less likely to be obese.

The relationship between our internal endocannabinoid system, our metabolic system and the cannabinoids within cannabis is rather complex, to say the very least.

Certain strains of cannabis are being used to treat people with eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia as well.

  1. Useful in the Fight Against Cancer

This one here is a tricky one. There is no sufficient scientific research that proves cannabis to be a cancer-fighting agent, however, there are some studies that do suggest marijuana, or the cannabinoids within the plant, to have the potential to be a cancer-fighting agent.

Additionally, there are certain cannabinoids and compounds within marijuana that stimulate receptors within the brain and the CNS to help with nausea, a common side effect of chemotherapy.

The debate for cannabis and cancer has been ongoing for some time, with many anecdotal reports supporting the cannabis side. So far, we have some evidence that cannabinoids can fight certain types of cancer cells, and could also halt the spreading of malignant tumors. This is mainly due to the balancing effect that cannabinoids have on the body’s essential system, whereby cannabinoids promote homeostasis within essential functions.

  1. Push Back Against Depression

Depression is a misunderstood condition that can affect anyone. Certain cannabinoids present within the plant can assist in the balancing of chemicals within the brain, which in turn stabilizes emotions.

  1. Treat Autism

This is a hot topic at the moment, especially as we are seeing an increased number of children being diagnosed with autism. Again, this is another condition which has yet to fully comprehend. The correlation between cannabis and autism is being studied and we are seeing an increase in the studies as well. For severe autistic children, who suffer from seizures and self-harm, marijuana has been seen to assist in stabilizing the child and easing the seizures.

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For many children, the autism can present itself as severe anxiety and panic attacks in certain situations. Marijuana is also used in these cases to relax the mind and ease the tension that is created from this.

  1. Helpful in the Treatment of Severe Addictions

The first thought for many here would be to question how marijuana could be a help for those addicted to serious substances. For many, marijuana is still considered a serious ‘drug’. Nevertheless, marijuana is being used in many facilities to help people who are battling with serious addictions. Cannabis therapy is being successfully implemented in many rehabilitation facilities, and not as a replacement, but as a method of treatment.

  1. Treat Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a condition where the patient suffers from pressure on the eyeball, resulting in glaucoma. Marijuana has been used for many years in the successful treatment of glaucoma. Marijuana is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and this is one of the main reasons that it is a successful treatment for glaucoma.

  1. Fatigue Fighter and Focus Amplifier

Certain strains high in THC are being used by many to actually give them energy and an increased level of focus. This is also an effective treatment for those with ADD or ADHD that are struggling with daily life and do not wish to take pharmaceutical drugs.

  1. Helpful for PTSD and Anxiety

Contrary to what most would believe about marijuana,  the majority of users is no longer just the youth. Suffers from PTSD are turning to marijuana to help them in dealing with the condition. Specific strains of marijuana are excellent for the treatment of anxiety. Some who suffer from social anxiety have said that the use of certain marijuana strains are perfect for when they have a social engagement to attend, one that would otherwise cause anxiety.

  1. Alternative Treatment for Headaches

Headaches and marijuana are two areas of research that still needs a lot of studies. However, due to anecdotal reports, we have seen that marijuana can be effective in the treatment of headaches and migraines. This is especially true for people to suffer consistently from headaches. Pharmaceutical drugs can cause damage when taken concisely and a tolerance can often be built up against these medications. This has caused people to seek alternative treatment. Marijuana is a natural alternative to these liver eating medications. Marijuana acts as an anti-inflammatory, which can actually ‘cure’ a headache instead of just numbing the pain.

  1. Eradicate Insomnia

Many people are overstimulated, stressed out and are unable to find sleep in the evenings. As with pain medication, pharmaceutical drugs can leave you with a damaged liver and your body can wake up in the morning feeling heavy and lethargic. High CBD marijuana is being used from America to Africa in the treatment of insomnia and just a small drop of high-quality cannabis oil underneath the tongue can send you to sleep in minutes.

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The next question is how to make the most out of marijuana. Well, this answer is simple. Choose quality over quantity. Quality, lab-tested marijuana may be more expensive but you will need less of it to achieve your desired result.

The other factor is your method of ingestion. For most, this is left up to personal preferences. Some people love rolling a joint and lighting it up while other, more health aware individuals are seeking out alternative methods. Vaping is an effective and healthier option to smoking a joint however if you are looking for an option that will pack the heaviest punch then the relatively new method called ‘dabbing’ is most properly the option that will get you the highest the quickest.

Dabbing is a concentrated dose of the most active compounds. The process is more complicated than vaporizing or smoking however many are saying that it is the cleanest and efficient way to get high. Dabbing is done with a dab rig, which you can purchase online or at a marijuana dispensary. There are some who argue that while dabbing may be the most efficient way to consume marijuana, it is not altogether safe.

If you are considering dabbing then ensure the marijuana concentrate you purchase is the highest quality and has undergone rigorous testing. You don’t want your potent dose to have any nasty chemicals mixed up with your marijuana.

Dabbing can be a safe way of consuming marijuana, just go easy on the quantities during your first couple of times and make sure you have invested in the best quality marijuana.

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