25% Among American’s Beer Drinkers will Predictably Embrace Marijuana when Legalised

25% American Beer Drinkers will Predictably Embrace Marijuana when Legalised

On purely health grounds and for recreational purposes, some states in the U.S have legalized Marijuana.

The law is no respecter of persons, but with the impending legal backing to marijuana by more states in the U.S to marijuana, studies show that 25% of American beer drinkers will change to marijuana. Studies in states where marijuana has not been legalized show that a quarter of the beer drinkers have switched to the pot.

Legalizing marijuana is within the states for now; pundits predict that if it gets to the national level, it is predicted that the beer industry will lose more than $2 billion on their retail sales index according to studies carried out by the Cannabis Consumer Group. There is an anticipated takeover of 7% of the marijuana market.

  • The reality of the survey results above has been reflected in three states in the U.S. The legislation has taken effect; there is a corresponding downward slide in sales of beer.
  • Nearly 24.6 million Americans purchased pot in the U.S last year and the number is expected to rise according to studies with the interest of more states looking the direction of Legalizing marijuana.
  • Credible statistics show that 1 in every 4 Americans is showing interest in marijuana; a shift from beer. 40,000 Americans participated in the survey that was conducted by research from Cannabis Consumer Group.
  • In states where marijuana is legal, the department of justice relaxed the federal laws on marijuana during the Obama years as American President. This also encouraged the shift from beer to marijuana. However, with Trump at the helm of affairs, maybe a reversal will see the light of day.
  • The shift to cannabis was glaringly evident in Denver. Immediately the seal of legalization was put on marijuana, people reacted spontaneously by buying 6% less of beer with a corresponding increase in the sales of marijuana.
  • Further to support this change in attitude, experts on the field backed up with credible statistics have shown that higher income earners alongside men have been drinking less alcohol for the past five years while same statistics among them shows that the use of pipe is increasingly becoming popular.
  • Brewers are already losing out in the emerging scenario. In the year 2015, brewers who sold more than $105 million dollars worth of beer are already counting their losses from this apparent shift of loyalty from beer to marijuana.
  • To put the statistics straight according C2G, the estimated loss in sales is put at about $2 billion dollars annually.
  • There is also a likely spill over to sales of wine and spirits according to expert findings. Their sales will also come down; the indices are very clear to keen observers of trends in the market.
  • In the final analysis; the rise in the use of cannabis is projected to cost beer 7% of the market it is presently controlling.
  • In the year 2016, more than 24 million Americans smoked weed; the figure will increase for 2017; the new C2G report is in support of that line of argument.
  • It is already been projected that legal cannabis will rise to the level that can be compared to that of beer; a sort of a fifty-fifty situation in the consumption index in the foreseeable future.
  • The cannabis market is expected to grow in maturity. A fully matured cannabis market is expected to create a $50 billion dollar industry.
  • The variety of consumption that cannabis has over beer is not helping matters. You can only sip beer; there is no other variety in its consumption. The legal backing given cannabis has opened the eyes of consumers to the various ways through which it can be consumed.
  • There is the popular method of smoking marijuana. It can be smoked with flowers and hash. This method is referred to as the classic method.
  • Alternatively, the lovers of weed have other available options to enjoy marijuana. It can be taken as vaporizers or infused into edibles. It can also be infused into tea and beverages; tablets; ointments and diverse other applicable ways that are currently available.
  • A study on high school drug habits conducted by project know across U.S states in 2016 has brought another dimension into the equation which favors marijuana consumption ahead of beer. Marijuana according to their report published in the Washington post is more popular among the students.
  • Going by all available statistics, one can safely draw a conclusion; but then what about hops? It is venerated in the American tradition.
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The interest in marijuana is becoming increasingly popular among Americans; there is a clear shift from beer- thanks to legalizing marijuana. If the relaxing of federal laws on marijuana in states where it legalized is sustained by the Trump administration; then the shift will become permanent.

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