3 Signs of a Good Marijuana Dispensary

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Chances are, you have come across more than a couple duds in your quest for a recreational marijuana dispensary near you. There are various things that constitute a great marijuana dispensary, and weeding these out can prove difficult when typing “how to find a good recreational dispensary near me.” So, in the name of good weed and good experiences with the mysterious plant, the following is a list of 3 signs that you should look out for in your search for a decent recreational dispensary.

But, before we commence, it is important to remember that these are generalisations and personal experience and your gut feeling should always take precedence. Remember also things like certain areas, types of product specialisation, etc, can all play a role in your experience of the dispensary. Naturally, this is more geared to the novices amongst the weed users however the more experienced can also benefit from a few of these tips.


As Los Angeles is still in the process of building their marijuana empire, there are a few glitches in the current system. One such glitch is that there is a lack of adequate regulations for marijuana testing. For those that want the government to keep their hands out of the cannabis control, this may seem like good news. However, the positive of having a regulated requirement for lab testing of recreational marijuana is this: if there is no legal requirement for lab testing, then ‘bad’ weed (a weed that contains unhealthy chemicals from pesticides or growth stimulators) is slipped into the system much easier. This brings us to the first point of a tell-tale sign of a good legal marijuana dispensary, find yourself a dispensary that offers lab certified marijuana with the proof and paperwork to back it up.

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If you are looking for a recreational dispensary in Nevada, you will find that the opposite story is showcased in this state. Nevada has developed regulations and requirements for the lab-testing of marijuana.

If you are looking for a recreational dispensary near you in California, then be on the lookout for dispensaries that use ethical and transparent methods. A trademark of a good dispensary is edible and extracts that clearly depict ingredients, and all the products have the following laid out for you to see:

– Cannabinoid profiles

– Terpenoid  contents

– Ensuring the marijuana is free of pathogens

A good dispensary will have a healthy farm to shelf relationship and the staff at the dispensary should be open and transparent when sharing their farming, cultivation or processing and handling methods.


Remember to check your reviews. And be thorough, do not just drift through one website and think you’ve adequately researched your dispensaries. Find out the varied problems people have had when visiting particular dispensaries and, almost more importantly, find out how the dispensary dealt with the issue.

If you have friends that have frequented dispensary then ask them as well. There’s no honesty like the personal experience so if you are still unsure about a couple different dispensaries that popped up in your search for “good weed dispensaries near me” then visit the ones on your short list that you are still unsure about and purchase just a small about of weed, just to test the experience.

If you actually have a medical marijuana card and you’re looking for a medical marijuana dispensary than the following 2 points are good indicators of a decent dispensary:

  • How is the dispensary regarded by Healthcare Professionals?
  • Does the medical dispensary have a healthcare professional employed at the dispensary?
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The Bud Tenders

You want to walk into a dispensary and feel as if the people working there know a thing or two about weed, and not only would you like them to know a thing or two but you would like them to be helpful and friendly as well.

A good marijuana dispensary will employ people that have a passion for the plant and want to help create and craft an experience for people that will add value to their lives. A good budtender will listen to your concerns and also help discern what kind of high you are looking for. Are you looking for a daytime stimulant, but prone to anxiety? Or perhaps you want to be held in a couch lock in the evenings to help still your racing mind to prepare for a good night’s rest? If a dispensary has staff members that are friendly and are passionate about finding the right method of consumption and the right strain for your specific desires and/or needs.

The staff should also be well versed in the legalities and regulations surrounding the recreational use of marijuana.

In conclusion, use your common sense and don’t walk into a dispensary that makes you feel uncomfortable. There are so many dispensaries to choose from and with just a little research you will find the perfect recreation dispensary near you.


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  1. Avatar for mitchel philip mitchel philip May 12, 2018 / 1:05 pm / Reply

    Agree with you. People should consider above facts before choosing Marijuana Dispensary.

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