5 Best Weed Deals for First Time Patients in California

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5 Best Weed Deals for First Time Patients in California – People celebrated the implementation of Senate Bill 420, or Proposition 215, in their millions when it came into effect. Despite legalization of recreational use on January 1 this year, medical marijuana continues to grow in popularity across California. The bill, which allowed legitimate patients access to premium-grade weed, was the first of its kind in the country.

Best Weed Deals

Unfortunately, medical cannabis is expensive. Patients are forever looking for the best deals, which can make buying weed more affordable for them. Dispensaries across California are responding to this need and offering a variety of discounts for first time patients, or FTPs. You qualify as an FTP the first time you use any dispensary, even if you have been consuming weed all your life already.

Delivery of Marijuana in California

Hundreds of medical dispensaries litter the Californian landscape. Finding one that offers the best deals for FTPs can be overwhelming, even difficult. MjCouponCode provides a lifeline for anyone looking for the best discounts. You only need register on their website to have access to as many coupons, specials, deals, promotions, and everything between, all in one place. It can save you vast amounts of cash.

The site is free to use. When you order delivery of marijuana, you will receive a coupon on your phone. Simply display the coupon to access the cheapest weed anywhere in the state. It has become customary nowadays for dispensaries to offer FTPs a variety of incentives. Called FTP deals, they can make medical marijuana cheap for even the most cash-strapped among us.

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Without further ado, these are the 5 Best Weed FTP Deals in all of California:

1.      Santa Monica

In Santa Monica, weed delivery could not be any easier. PotValet offers amazing deals to first time patients. It takes less than 10 minutes for them to verify patient details. Some patients will qualify for a $10 credit; others will receive coupons worth about 10% of your First 3 orders with them.

2.      Beverly Hills

In Beverly Hills, weed delivery is incredibly popular. You can find many FTP deals if you look hard enough. PotValet offers very attractive discounts for FTPs, and you will always find coupons or specials if you go again.

3.      Culver City

In Culver City, marijuana can be hard to come by, since the city does not allow pot shops. Pot Valet provides FTPs with several great deals, including promo codes and coupons. Bennys Farm is another dispensary that delivers weed to Culver City. They offer several deals for FTPs and for loyal customers too. If you refer a friend, you get a gram on the house, and you get a gift if you make a donation too.

4.      Downtown Los Angeles

You can find many fantastic deals in downtown L.A. Downtown Kush Group slashes 10 percent off the price of any ounce bought from them, and they have other nice deals for FTPs and returning clients. Shatter Wholesale sells 3.5 grams of Moonrocks for just $30. For an extra $15, you get five grams instead. They also stay open until late. Weed delivery in Los Angeles is extremely popular.

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5.      Hollywood

There are always exciting deals happening in Hollywood. Zen Healing has the best FTP deals in all of West Hollywood, and first time patients get a variety of surprise gifts for buying from them. Hollywood High Grade sells only the finest quality, at the most competitive prices. Additionally, all FTPs get a gift bag with every donation they make, no matter how small, but they limit each patient to one coupon.


There are many great resource for finding deals, both for FTPs and regular customers. Pot Valet delivers to certain parts of California, within 45 minutes or less, if you live in a town or city. Those living in the Californian wilds can get their order through one of its partners within  45 minutes, all at unbeatable prices and with great incentives to refer friends and family.

Whether you have been using weed for years or just occasionally, or even for the first time, you can find great deals to save money no matter where you are. These are just some of them, without doubt the best ones, but you can always find ways to get more for less. FTP deals are available to anyone using a dispensary for the first time, so you can always find them if you visit a new store.

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