5 Hyper Cannabis Strains for a Productive Day

5 Hyper Cannabis Strains for a Productive Day

One of the oldest misconceptions about marijuana is that it causes laziness, wreaks havoc on productivity. The stereotype for those who enjoy weed is that it destroys motivation, turns users into lazy bums. This is entirely incorrect, if rooted perhaps in some truth. Some strains are relaxing, famous for mellowing you out, causing you to chill, even stay couchlocked in front of the TV for hours. 

However, this is not true of all strains. How you feel after ordering marijuana delivery depends enormously on which strain you buy. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, every strain has its own genetics, and therefore, its own effects. Furthermore, not everybody responds to cannabis in the same way. Where some folks may feel sleepy, others become energetic, sometimes even crazily so. 

Best Marijuana Strains for Productivity

With legalization spreading across the globe, scientists are discovering more about cannabis. People too are learning, especially about different strains and their psychoactive effects, with more and more now growing their own with this in mind, investing in various strains, and even manipulating grow conditions. If you would rather save time, without affecting productivity, then we have done the research for you. 

These are the five most motivating cannabis strains available today, sure to boost your productivity: 

1. Jack Herer

Jack Herer is popular for good reason. There is just no way anybody can sit still after a few hits of this strain. It is impossible to do nothing with Jack Herer around. It is highly energizing. It will motivate you to complete projects lying about for years, all while uplifting you and giving you the oomph needed for a very productive day. This creative strain is also extremely social, and famous for boosting mood. 

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2. Super Sour Diesel

This is among the most famous strains today, a literal household name. Although potency is one reason for its fame, THC levels measure around 24 percent, most use it when they need a burst of energy. Super Sour Diesel is very psychoactive, not recommended for novices, but for those who can handle it; this strain is ideal for heightened productivity, renewed creativity, and increased mood and sociability. 

3. Kali Mist

Kali Mist, although not overly potent with THC levels testing around 15 percent, is an award winning strain both here and abroad. Loved especially for its calming, soothing effects and delightful flavor, Kali Mist is the perfect strain for morning use. Because it is not wildly psychoactive, it promises to start the day with a head start, leaving you focused, energized, and better able to concentrate on the job at hand. 

4. Haze

Almost everybody hears of Haze soon enough when they join the cannabis community. Chances are you can find it at almost every dispensary in California, certainly online. It is among the most popular strains of all time, specifically for its ability to boost productivity, and the primary reason people buy it in droves. Haze is very potent, however. Too much can be nasty. You only need a little to tackle a workday.

5. Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat is quite unique in that everybody reacts differently to it. Either this hybrid strain can make you drowsy, relaxed, and super mellow, or it can make you euphorically happy and energetic enough to complete any project before you with heightened vigor. Like other intensely psychoactive strains, Dutch Treat works best in moderation. Too many can leave you hyperactive and hopelessly distracted. 

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Vacaville Cannabis Delivery

This list is nowhere near complete. You can find an endless variety of strains capable of increasing your productivity, and even your work performance. All on this list are available for Vacaville cannabis delivery, all California actually, along with hundreds of others. The only way to find the most productive strain for you is to experiment with those known to have energizing effects, so have fun with it.

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  1. Avatar for Lucius Lucius September 3, 2019 / 11:51 am / Reply

    Super Sour Diesel is so good!

  2. Avatar for Lesley Lesley September 3, 2019 / 9:28 pm / Reply

    Kali Mist is a great tasting strain

  3. Avatar for Man Man September 4, 2019 / 9:22 pm / Reply

    Damn, i want to try all these

  4. Avatar for Arlie Arlie September 9, 2019 / 9:28 am / Reply

    Gotta catch them all… LOL

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