5 Pot Strains that Pack a Potent Punch


Amongst the new cannabis experimentalists and the medicinal users, there is a section of the cannabis community that is creeping out from the shadows. This seasoned shadow surfer has been using cannabis for years and, now that cannabis is spreading with legality, is looking for a stronger strain than usual.

Perhaps you are one of these, or perhaps you are just looking for a strain strong and pure enough to deal with some serious symptoms that you need relief from.

Many people often want to know which strains are the strongest and the answers will vary depending on the cultivators, the cultivation, and the harvesting as well. However, there are strains that, genetically speaking, harbour the most efficient percentage of cannabinoids to get you green juices flowing. THC seems to be the leader when it comes to potency however there are many other factors and compounds that play a significant role as well. Certain terpenes like mycrene, linalool and limonene are the more aromatic factors that bring the bud its aroma and a flower that it rich in THC and terpenes creates a cannabis experience that packs a potent high.

The following list of the most potent and strongest strains is a guide and suggestion only. Bear in mind that the cannabis plant can have its percentages of THC and CBD altered according to the growing and harvesting conditions. So also ensure that you are sourcing your cannabis from the most responsible source possible.

  1. Girl Scout Cookies – now known as GSC

This is one of the most widely know names. This strain has made its way to the top of the potent list for a reason. This is  a hybrid of sativa and indica and is strong. The THC is usually above 20% and it has a lovely, peaceful yet energetic euphoria that floods your being. Both your body and your mind is in a state of energized relaxation for a few hours. If ‘energised relaxation’ sounds like a foreign concept to you, then you have yet to try a hybrid this beautiful.

  1. Kosher Kush

This strain came into being in 2010 and has been a steady influence in the potent punches ever since. It has won more than a couple Cannabis Cups ever since its debut however not much is known about its genetic history. This is a predominantly Indica strain so make sure you do not have any mental or energetic tasks ahead. The bud has a beautiful appearance, it has a crystal cloak of resin and is certainly not for the first timer.

  1. Ghost OG

Another bud cloaked in crystalline resin, the Ghost OG is specifically cultivated for the high sense of euphoria that it delivers. It also comes with a beautiful orchestra of aromas due to the terpenes. before taking this strain, buckle up and prepare for a euphoric journey into your mind.

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4. Bruce Banner

This hybrid is named after the alter ego of the Hulk. The Bruce Banner has a hefty THC content and was rated as the strongest 2014 strain (by the HIGH TIMES). In 2013 it was awarded with the Denver Cannabis Cup. The genetics of this famous bud stem from OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. The beauty of this hybrid is that it can take your mental experience to staggering and swift heights while you still feel weighted down by relaxation.

  1. Ghost Train Haze

This strain has been a recent star in the potent strains and has a reputation for creating a vivacious and invigorating experience. This strain turned heads in 2011 when it was recognized as having the highest THC content. This strain was developed fro the genes pf Neville’s Wreck and the aforementioned Ghost OG. It is a predominantly sativa blend that gives an electrification of energy that is directly in the mental sphere. This strain is well known for stimulating creative sparks and a focused mind.

These are just five of the top most potent strains, and as mentioned before, the potency is dependant cultivation and harvesting factors. Take it easy with these strains; a little goes a long way!

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    Wow … thank you.. definitely i will try all of them.

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