5 Things People Do Wrong When They Are Growing Cannabis at Home

5 Things People Do Wrong When Growing Cannabis at Home

Are you preparing to venture into cannabis growing? Well, growing marijuana just like any other plant is not easy. You need to have ideas and information on how you’ll carry out your venture. Since the passing of the law to legalize marijuana, many farmers have been out there looking for licensing to start planting this drug. However, many of those already growing are making mistakes. As a potential grower or an already practicing farmer, here are 5 things people do wrong when they are growing cannabis at home. Are you among those making these mistakes? Here we go:

Providing a Bad Growing Environment

The first thing when it comes to growing marijuana is to get a unique environment. Without that, then you have no reason to undertake this very delicate venture. Production of high-quality marijuana requires that you provide a good growing environment that has a free flow of air. Even at night, your growing environment should have fresh air. If you are growing indoors, then make sure that you replace every 5-10minutes. Besides that, humidity should be approximately between 30 to 70%. All these are very vital and necessary conditions for the growing of marijuana. However, not many growers observe this requirement. Please avoid if you have been making this mistake.

Starting the Growing With Clones

Many growers make this mistake, and they seem not to know that it’s wrong. If you want to succeed in growing marijuana, then start with seeds. When you start with clones, you risk facing the problem of pests and plant diseases. All these affect the quality of the weed you’ll finally produce. For successful growing, start with seeds and indoors. With that, you’ll enjoy many years of pest free growing. You can then later use other growing materials such as cuttings. But if you trust the person supplying you with clones and cuttings then you can grow them. However, consider starting with seeds to avoid bugs and pests that affect the quality of plants. Different people have different views about seeds, clones and cutting but according to experts, seeds are the best.

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Under-fertilizing or Excess Use of Fertilizers

These are some of the most common mistakes that growers of marijuana make. Marijuana plants need enough nutrients. Supplying low or excess nutrients is a mistake and affect what you produce. When you start growing, and you are not sure about the amounts of fertilizer you need, then seek advice. Avoid using wrong estimates. It affects the quality and the amount of marijuana you’ll produce. Fertilizers should help the plant grow faster and enjoy health. Besides that, it ensures that you get the amount of harvest you desire. Therefore, any mistake when it comes to the application of fertilizer can result in serious problems. Avoid these common mistakes by all means.

Overwatering the Marijuana Plant

Are you among those farmers who keep watering the plant even when the conditions are okay? Well, avoid because you are killing your marijuana plants. Excess water kills the plant, and you might, therefore, not get the amounts of harvest you desire. Besides making sure that you supply water of the right amounts, please ensure that the environment you are growing your marijuana has the right drainage properties. If you water the plants and there are no drainage channels, then you’ll flood that area and make it unsuitable for growing marijuana. Don’t make this common mistake then later lament that you are not reaping the profits you want. It’s your fault, and you need to stop it.

Early or Premature Harvesting

Even when the market for your marijuana looks profitable, you should avoid harvesting too early. Many growers usually make this mistake. Don’t be among them because you’ll end up producing low-quality marijuana. Sometimes buds and resin form at a very fast rate. Even with that, please don’t let that be the reason to harvest early. Allow the plants to mature and reach the required harvesting season. Never yield to the temptations to harvest them prematurely. If you enable it to grow to the last crucial stage, you’ll collect high-quality marijuana and make profits. That’s the way to go for every farmer and all those who are looking for a license to start growing this plant.

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Which of these mistakes of growing cannabis have you been making? It’s now time to start stopping them, so you reap big. Don’t let such small mistakes be the reason for making losses or producing low-quality marijuana. Understand the art of growing it from the beginning to the end. Competition is very stiff out there, and customers want the highest quality. If you avoid making mistakes, you are sure to produce marijuana that will sell and outdo others in the market. Get the best seeds and give them the best growing conditions. You’ll be a successful grower of marijuana.

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