5 Ways Marijuana Can Help Your Muscle Spasms

Marijuana Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms are extremely unpleasant. Thousands of people, at least one in three, endure them on a frequent basis. It can feel as if your entire body has a life of its own, far beyond your control. From twitching muscles at bedtime to extremely painful, rigid limbs, many are now going to  online marijuana dispensaries for help. Luckily, science proves cannabis an effective relief for most muscular disorders.

Understanding Muscle Spasms and Marijuana

Spasms occur when muscles contract suddenly. It can affect entire muscle groups at the same time. Spasms can vary in intensity, from tight, short pulses to lengthy, crippling contractions. In the worst cases, it is possible for whole muscle groups to “lock.” When this happens, it can result in temporary paralysis, accompanied by chronic pain.

Back in 2012, the San Diego School of Medicine at the University of California conducted an interesting clinical trial. A team of scientists gave 30 patients, who were having difficulty walking due to multiple sclerosis, either a synthetic THC or a placebo. Many of the participants were relying heavily on walking aids to help them get around.

So what happened to those who took the synthetic cannabis? The study found patients that consumed THC enjoyed a decrease in spasticity of at least a third more than those who took the placebo. The researchers also noted a significant reduction in muscle-related pain. Muscle spasms are the result of many different causes, from simply sitting too long or not drinking sufficient water.

Benefits of Marijuana for Muscle Spasms

Even minor issues like sleeping incorrectly can trigger muscle spasms, but oftentimes, contractions and spasms are the results of a serious, frequently debilitating, disease. Cannabis can provide relief in a number of ways. For some illnesses, such as muscular ones, scientists believe it can treat the disorder directly. It can also replace the need for dangerous, over-the-counter painkillers. Here is how:

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1. Marijuana Kills Pain

Cannabis kills pain most effectively. In fact, its ability to relieve extreme discomfort is the reason why most people use it. Smoking a joint, hitting a vape, dabbing a rig, filling a bong, these are just some of the ways you can use marijuana as a painkiller. There are also concentrates, such as oils, capsules, and tinctures, which work just as well, if not better. If your cramps are sore, they will not be for long.

2. Marijuana Sedates

The best way to stop muscle spasms is to tranquilize. Cannabis, particularly potent Indica strains, will numb the body and sedate your muscles. It will not be long before the spasms stop, but it is important to note that not all strains have tranquilizing properties. Sativa strains will certainly help, but the couch locking effects of Indica are more suitable and effective for muscular disorders.

3. Marijuana Relaxes

A good toke will relax you completely, putting your body in a state of calm. This will help to stop the muscular spasms, and it will keep you relaxed afterward to prevent another episode. Although Sativa strains are notoriously relaxing, they are more cerebral than physical. It is easier to achieve a deep relaxation of the body if you are consuming hard-hitting Indica strains.

4. Marijuana Helps Sleep

If your muscles are keeping you awake with twitching, cramping or painful spasms, then cannabis will help you fall asleep. Once in a slumber, your muscles will follow suit. One of the most popular uses of weed is help insomniacs fall asleep easily and stay asleep until it is time to wake up. The sooner you stop counting sheep and get some shut-eye, the sooner the spasms will stop. Indica will aid sleep, not Sativa.

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5. Marijuana Distracts You

Energizing Sativa strains help muscle spasms in a few ways. Firstly, the exercise of keeping busy will stretch the muscles out and regain control of them. It can also help you forget about your wayward muscles by directing your attention to some or other task or project. Indica strains are best for muscular issues, but they are not for use during the day. If you need to keep awake, then Sativa will distract you.

Marijuana Dispensaries Stock What You Need

You can find potent Indica strains online in abundance. There are plenty of excellent Sativas on offer, as well. From buds to oils, edibles, topical creams, and everything between, you can get relief for your muscle spasms in 45 minutes or less. Simply create an account online and you will have access to hundreds of different cannabis products at the click of a button.

If you are suffering muscle spasms or a debilitating muscular disorder, then marijuana will not cure you. However, it will make it significantly easier to manage and control it. Both THC and CBD have painkilling properties. The only difference between them is that THC will make you stoned, whereas CBD will not. If you do not enjoy the high associated with marijuana use, then there are many CBD products online too.



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