5 Ways People Try Passing Drug Tests

Cannabis lingers in the bloodstream. Long after searching “weed delivery West Hollywood” in Google. Detoxing yourself can take some time. The more of it that you have the better. Sadly, few, if any really, have much time to prepare for drug tests which, Reuters explains, still test for weed. Several different options exist to help quicken the detoxification process, but some do not work as well as others do. 

When passing a drug test means employment or food stamps, child custody or not, or some other life or death matter, it is vital that you make an informed decision. Choosing the right method could be the difference between passing and failing these tests, potentially making this among the most important decisions of your life. This guide will differentiate the different ways people use to pass drug tests: 

Cleansing Naturally

A natural cleanse is the best and most effective way to truly detox your body. However, it can take as little as a month, as long as two months. If you have the time, this is a good option, but you will need to change your eating habits, even parts of your lifestyle, so that your body can more efficiently cleanse itself of any tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, stored in your fat cells. This is where THC stores the longest. 

The pace of detoxification differs for everyone. Most can detox completely within weeks, longer the heavier your usage is. Those using daily can take as long as three months to eliminate all traces of THC. If you are unable to dedicate the time to this, which most cannot do, then there are other options too. Although they will not cleanse your body completely, they can aid in achieving a negative test result. 

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Using Detox Drinks

You can find detoxifying drinks that can give results in a day. They stimulate the body’s natural process of detoxification, but more importantly, they can provide a window for you to test clean. However, a warning is necessary: Some detox drinks strip urine of the actual indicators testers need to see, which guarantee genuine samples. This information is paramount and worth remembering. 

To qualify as acceptable for a urine test, your sample must be the right temperature and the right color. It must have the right levels of creatinine, as well as ph. Further, it must contain uric acid. Some of these products interfere with this criteria. If it changes any of these requirements too much, testers are within their rights to refuse your urine sample. You will then have to provide another that qualifies.  

Using Detox Kits

The right detox kit will remove THC from your urine without stripping it of those other important indicators. Quality is everything, however. Further, contrary to same-day drinks that clean your urine for a few hours, quality detox kits flush your system of traceable THC permanently. These kits assist your body’s own detoxification process with herbal supplements. It can take up to 10 days to work. 

If you are unsure of the type of test you will face, then you might want to consider a full body kit, one that includes a detox shampoo for potential hair tests. To work, you must stop all consumption while detoxing. At the end of it, once you pass the at-home test you receive, you will have no traceable THC anywhere in your body. Not until your next marijuana delivery brings your celebratory spliff. 

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Using Synthetic Urine

When it comes to faking your urine sample, which is very ill advised, your THC levels are the least of your concerns. The sophistication of modern laboratories makes it almost impossible to pass any non-human urine off as human. Lying is an offense, but making this trickery even trickier is the fact that some tests insist on sending someone to watch you produce your sample. 

Of all the ways to pass a urine test, this has to be the most dangerous. Your likelihood of keeping it secret is nearer to zero. Further, walking around with urine on your person, regardless of its source, is frankly horrendous. It is much easier, safer, and less smelly to avoid this option altogether. You can try a few others with much greater chance of success. 

Using Home Remedies

Drinking lemon juice, tea, apple cider vinegar, even cranberry juice, are popular home remedies for a quick detox. However, they do not really detox the body so much as hide THC from detection. It masks THC in the blood or urine. As such, it registers a lot weaker than it normally would. Tests might find minute traces of THC, but unlikely enough to cause any major brouhaha. 

It is important to remember that time is really all your body needs to detoxify itself naturally. You can encourage the process in some ways, even improve your overall health in the process, but there is no true way to cleanse yourself immediately and completely. Avoid falling victim to unknowingly thinking you are clean. Rather choose the option that will actually work for you. 

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Weed Delivery West Hollywood

Fortunately, quality is the consensus when detoxifying for drug tests. Only use trustworthy products that will give you reliability. This is especially important if your job, custody case, or other crucial matter relies heavily on a clean test. When you complete your test and are ready to celebrate, you can type “weed delivery near me” into your favorite search engine and order the strains that you missed most. 

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