5 Ways to Use Cannabis for Non-Smokers

5 Ways to Use Cannabis for Non-Smokers

You do not have to smoke weed to enjoy it anymore. Every smoker understands sudden and harsh coughing fits, burning throat, burnt fingers, and more. While such experiences have their place in bouts of nostalgia, more and more are opting to avoid such instead. Fortunately, you can find an abundant array of cannabis products when you search “weed delivery near me.” Not all require smoking.

Fewer people are smoking these days than ever before. Not everybody wants to. Those with health worries, especially respiratory ones, may not even have choice. For decades, the stigma of smoking kept many from trying cannabis. This is true even now. Even in legal states. However, being 2021, methods of consumption are many. Options abound for non-smokers. Here are just five of the most common:

1. Cartridges

Although vaping requires inhaling, many non-smokers are happy to consume cannabis this way. This is because vaping cartridges contain an oil extract. You only inhale vapors. There is no burning plant matter to contend with, none of the toxins related to such. Vaporizers heat the oil just until it releases its vapors, and no more. This is tastier and less traumatic on the lungs than smoking buds.

What is more, vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes. They have differing functionalities. Some are portable, some confined to your tabletop. Some are cheap, others expensive. Some have advanced settings for heat control and quality varies significantly. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, vaping is more potent. It stimulates a higher therapeutic response to cannabinoids.

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2. Food and Drink

Edibles, or medibles, consist of cannabis-infused foods. Beverages are increasingly popular too, both an obvious option for non-smokers. Choice in this sector is already overwhelming. There are chocolates, gummies and cereals galore, even three-course meals; you name it. You can even infuse your own dishes and desserts at home. All you need is a potent cannabutter. Simply order marijuana delivery.

However, this method of consumption proves too psychoactive for some people. This is especially true if you miscalculate your dose, a very easy mistake to make. Edibles work for some, but not everybody equally. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, cannabinoids take much longer to work this way, an hour and more. They must first travel through the digestive tract, losing much on the way.

3. Oils

Cannabis oils offer another extremely potent extract. These products include a broad variety of concentrates, some of which come available in capsules, plastic applicators, and other creative forms. You can swallow these oils straight up, but most folks would rather add a drop or two to their menu for the day. In so doing, it renders them much the same as edibles and just as potent.

However, as the U.S. National Library of Medicine explains, cannabis oils take time to work. Like edibles, they are both promising and challenging. The body must process it first, sending it through digestion and metabolism before finally to the bloodstream. This might not matter much when using cannabis for recreational reasons, but for those needing quick relief, it matters very much.

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4. Tinctures

In contrast, tinctures work very quickly. You take them sublingually for maximum effect, which involves applying a drop or two directly under the tongue. For best results, you should hold it there for a minute or so. The U.S. National Library of Medicine tells us that mucus membranes absorb cannabinoids quickly. They travel straight to the bloodstream. No stops at digestion, metabolism, or worse along the way.

Effects are apparent within 20 minutes, give or take. This method gives you absolute control over dose accuracy. Most include a dropper when you buy it. Tinctures have differing flavors and potencies. Their cannabinoid profiles are not all the same. Some derive from specific strains, making it possible to choose according to preferred mood, medical need, and even particular occasion.

5. Topicals

The market already has a very diverse horde of topical cannabis products available. You can find salves, creams, balms, bath salts, ointments, and all manner of infused lotions. Many studies are showing cannabinoids extremely effective at treating skin problems when applied topically. It relaxes and calms the area, relieving pain, inflammation wounds, stiffness, and more with targeted local action.

However, you will not feel “high” when using cannabis topicals. Your skin does not allow substances to penetrate so deeply they reach the bloodstream. Transdermal patches enable a breakthrough of the skin-blood barrier, but according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the function of transdermal patches is entirely different to most topical applications. Still, patches offer the only way to buzz here.

Weed Delivery Santa Monica

You can enjoy cannabis in other ways too without having to smoke it. There are so many options available and growing every day. As companies innovate and experiment with new products and new ways to use them, the experiences possible with cannabis continue to widen. You can find all of these products and more when you order marijuana delivery in Santa Monica. Experiment with them all.

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