5 Ways Weed Relieves Muscular Spasms

5 Ways Weed Relieves Muscular Spasms

Muscle spasms are debilitating. They affect work life, home life, and if severe enough, even relationships with colleagues, friends, and loved ones. There is little scarier than losing control of your own body. From twitches to convulsions and rigid limbs, the issue requires help. Real help. Fortunately, science shows cannabis highly effective at providing relief, and luckily, marijuana delivery in Los Angeles is legal.

What the Science Says

When muscles contract suddenly, they spasm. Whole muscle groups suffer simultaneously. Muscular spasms differ in intensity. Some cause muscles to tighten, others to pulse, and still others to endure crippling contractions. Sometimes, these spasms are so severe that they “lock” entire muscle groups. This causes temporary paralysis, excruciating pain, and unrelenting terror. Victims suffer terribly.

As early as 2012, researchers at the San Diego School of Medicine at the University of California were studying the effects of cannabis on muscular disorders. In a clinical trial, they administered either a placebo or a synthetic tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, to 30 immobile patients with multiple sclerosis. Most were unable to walk, requiring prosthesis and other walking aids to help them move on their own.

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the study found that those administered THC had notably lower spasticity, at least a third less than those who received the placebo. The research team also found notable reduction in muscular pain, and even atrophy. The causes of muscle spasms are many. You can suffer them just from sitting too long, or simply from not drinking enough water.

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Benefits of Cannabis for Spasticity

Even small problems can trigger spasms, like sleeping in a bad position. Oftentimes, however, muscle spasms are the result of an underlying and serious disease. Marijuana offers relief in a variety of ways. For some diseases, particularly muscle-specific disorders, researchers believe cannabis treats the illness, as well. Further, it replaces the need for harmful, often addictive, painkillers. It works like this:

1. Cannabis is Analgesic

The painkilling properties of marijuana are legendary. It helps patients by dulling the pain associated with muscle contractions, which can be particularly dire. Whether you smoke a joint, dab a rig, puff a vape, it will work to numb your pain. Concentrates, such as tinctures, oils, and edibles, are also highly effective, but they take considerably longer to work. Some patients consume both for optimal relief.

2. Cannabis is Sedating

Sedating your muscles is the fastest way to stop their spasms. Marijuana, especially potent strains of Indica, tranquilizes the body and numbs the muscles. It does this very quickly too. However, it is imperative to know that not all cannabis strains have tranquilizing properties. Sativa strains are energizing. Although they help to quell spasms, Indicas are quieter. Stiller. More suited to muscle issues.

3. Cannabis is Relaxing

The muscle relaxant properties of marijuana are legendary. One puff from a potent joint can relax body and mind completely, leaving your muscles in a state of calm. What is more, this relaxing effect lasts several hours, which helps to prevent further episodes during that time. Sativas are more cerebral than physical. They help, certainly, but for severe spasms, only potent body-hitting Indica strains will do.

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4. Cannabis is Sleepy

Sleep offers another way to relax muscles and stop them seizing. Cannabis will put you to bed promptly. At least, Indica strains will. If you lie awake cramping, twitching, and convulsing, then marijuana will help you get shut-eye. Once asleep, your muscles will sleep too. The sleep inducing effects of weed are among its most common uses. It treats insomnia, putting even the most severe insomniacs to bed.

5. Cannabis is Distracting

If you cannot sleep or sedate yourself, due to work or other commitments, then energetic Sativa strains will help to keep your mind off any painful spasms. It will keep you busy, distracted. What is more, this movement will help to stretch the muscles, releasing rigidity and tension for added relief. While Indica strains provide the most relief for muscular spasms, they are not suitable for daytime use. Sativas are.

Legal Marijuana Delivery in Los Angeles

Cannabis is widely available in California. You can order it online. Legally. A simple Google search for “weed delivery near me” will show you just how many options you have. Further, there is an abundance of products on offer, from flowers to edibles, oils, tinctures, capsules, and even topical creams, which work to provide localized relief to affected muscles. There seems no end to the ways cannabis can help.

If muscle spasms are ruining your life, then weed provides you with a way to manage them safely and effectively. Both THC and cannabidiol, or CBD, another famous cannabinoid, have powerful analgesic and antispasmodic effects. When consumed together, it heightens efficacy and proves a multi-pronged approach to providing lasting and meaningful relief to sufferers when this debilitating condition strikes.

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    Amazing article! I knew Cannabis helped with pain relief but, I did not know all of this!

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    Wow! I knew about the pain relief but, had no clue about muscle tension! Great piece, thanks for sharing

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    Weed is the best!! Love the stuff

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    I smoke after working out! Helps a lot

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