6 of the Highest CBD Cannabis Strains


Finding the right strain can be a tough call. There are multiple dispensaries across the Golden State, from online weed stores in Fairfield and weed delivery services in Fairfield to cannabis dispensaries and lounges in West Hollywood. There  are hundreds, if not thousands of different strains to choose from and for the first timers looking for a strain that has minimal psychoactive properties and the maximum potential healing benefits.

Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, is now a fixture in many American’s medicine box. It is used in many ways, either to ease pain and inflammation or to reduce anxiety and nervousness. It is also used by many as a sleeping aid. Even though the markets are becoming more and more flooded with CBD dominant products they can come with quite a high price tag. The trick, for many, is to find the perfect strain that brings the most value for the money. The best value is based on the cannabis strain that has the most highest percentage of CBD.


In order to find the strains with the highest CBD strains use the following curated list and find the perfect strain for you.


  1. Dancehall


This hybrid strain is exactly as the name suggests. This strain has an uplifting vibe that lifts the mood and still entices a sense of creativity. The ration of CBD to THC is close to 20:1. This means that there is a very low THC amount in this strain. With such a low THC amount in this strain there are hardly any psychoactive properties and this means that your focus should remain intact and for those that are wary of THC than this is a good option for you.

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  1. ACDC


ACDC is a hybrid famous for its ability to relax all types of anxieties and is a brilliant train for those that do not do very well with THC. This strain allows the user to enjoy the benefits of relaxation and a lighter mood without causing the user any anxiety.


  1. Ringo’s Gift


Lawrence Ringo was a pioneer for the plight of CBD and this strain is named after him. Another CBD dominant hybrid, this strain allows the user to feel a sense of overall wellbeing. Ringo’s Gift is a gift for those suffering from the effects of stress and pain. The low THC and high CBD creates the perfect setting for the mind to be relaxed without the extreme euphoria or anxiety.


  1. Charlotte’s Web


This CBD strain is quite possibly the most famous amongst the strains. Charlotte’s Web is another strain that is named after someone. Charlotte was a young child suffering from a rare form of epilepsy when this strain was developed to assist her. Therefore many people suffering from fits and epileptic episodes turn to this efficient strain. Even though this strain is well known for treating epilepsy it also has a positive effect for those suffering with pain, inflammation and anxiousness.


  1. Remedy


This CBD dominant hybrid strain is a brilliant choice for those that want to avoid the cloudiness that can sometimes come with high CBD cannabis strains. This easy going strain gets rid of anxiousness while relaxing the user and easing inflammation and aches.


  1. Sour Tsunami
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This is another CBD dominant strain that has gained a strong following amongst consumers. The THC level of this strain stays within 1-2% so it ensures a grounded effect with all the potential health benefits. Sour Tsunami is quite a popular strain so you will most properly be able to find this strain at most online weed stores (even in Fairfield) and you could even find a weed delivery service to deliver to you in Fairfield or anywhere across California.


Whether you are in Fairfield or Los Angeles, use this online weed guide to find your perfect CBD strain to ease your experience without the THC euphoria.

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  1. Avatar for Moize Moize March 30, 2018 / 3:41 am / Reply

    THC provides potential health benefits. Very helpful post.

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