6 Pre-Rolls That Will Blow Your Mind

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While there are dozens of different ways to smoke your favorite green, nothing beats a perfectly rolled joint.  Luckily for you, there are some stellar companies that make the best pre-rolls money can buy

A lot of factors go into making the perfect pre-roll.  From quality of paper to the type of bud that you use, attention to detail is everything.  All dispensaries carry their own versions of pre-rolls; however, most have much more to offer.  Here are some of the best pre-rolls that you can find at most marijuana dispensary that is sure to blow your mind.

  1. Saints Joints

The Saints Joints company has become a staple on social media.  From their fresh packaging to their high quality flower; cannabis lovers are hooked.  This company hails out of Seattle and has made it their mission to delivery high quality products using natural ingredients.  Saints Joints even has made a point to give back to the community with each sale.  This is just one of the reasons why their company is catching fire.

Each pack of Saints Joints comes with 5 high quality cone joints that come in an old style cigar box type package.  Whether you try out their sativa or indica blends, chances are you will find your new favorite pre-roll brand!

  1. Glow Premium Cannabis

Glow Premium Cannabis is a California born brand that offers some amazing pre-rolls that have Oakland customers going crazy!  The secret to their beloved pre-rolled joints is in the flower that they use.  Glow Premium Cannabis only uses top shelf flower that has been tested for strength and quality.  This way you know that the bud you are smoking is only the best.

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Among their favorite products is their Sativa Shorties.  These powerful little joints pack one serious punch.  This is because they are filled to the brim with all natural Sativa bud that is sure to get your party started.  Patients also love the bright and colorful packaging that stays true to the Glow brand.

  1. Island Premiums

These classic looking joints are a nod to the 70’s coastal California lifestyle.  From the retro packaging to all natural flowers, you can’t go wrong with these pre-roll throwbacks.  Patients love that these pre-rolls come reasonably priced at just around $40 for a pack of eight tightly rolled joints.  Best of all, each joint has their own built in filter or crutch to keep the joint dry.

This Los Angeles based company that once started as an underground movement now offers products in over 20 different locations.  While their brand founded its roots in joints they now offer products like rolling papers, flower and even wax pods.

  1. Tarantula Joints

Tarantula joints are not for the faint of heart.  This is one of the reasons why cannabis fans talk so highly of these ultra potent pre-rolls.  These joints are the dream child of the California based company, Ganja Gold.  Ganja Gold has been offering cult classic products or years to Californian’s delight.  And their tarantula joints are no exception to the rule.

The most important thing to note about these magical pre-rolls is that they are much stronger than the average joint.  Starting with an all natural paper as the base for this joint guarantees an incredible experience.  The potent high comes with the bud that it used which is paired with wax, hash and a kief exterior.  This blended joint offers an ultra strong high that should only be reserved for special occasions.

  1. Vashon Velvet
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Sometimes buying local and from small family owned businesses is the way to go!  This is also true when it comes to finding superior cannabis.  Vashon Velvet is a true small business that produces incredible pre-rolled joints that come straight from their own farm.  It should also be said that this company is female owned and run which just proves that there is nothing that strong women can’t do.

Their fancy pre-rolled joints comes single serving style.  Each joint is hand rolled for quality and potency.  There are over five different flavors and strains to choose from.  Each comes expertly packaged in cute little boxes that will make any cannabis fan swoon.

  1. PotBox

Subscription services have been on trend for a few years now.  These services vary from everything from beauty supplies to even ready to cook meal boxes.  However, one company found a way to combine subscription services with every one’s favorite pastime; cannabis.  PotBox will deliver high quality marijuana products directly to your door each month depending on your cannabis preference.

Most notably a PotBox’s pre-rolled joints.  These tasty joints are most recognizable by their wax style stopper.  As a nod to old timey products like whisky, PotBox manages to keep their finger on the pulse of what’s trendy in the marijuana community.  Best of all, each PotBox experience is a completely new one.  Each month they hand select from small batch strains so that you get the best of what is available that month.

Final Thoughts

Joints no longer have to be boring tasks.  With so many new and innovated pre-roll brands popping up, you are sure to find something unique to fit your style.  From sativa to indica, there is truly something for everyone.  So next time you are tasked with supplying bud for a late night kick back, consider one of these joints.  You will not only impress your friends but you will also be supporting grass root companies.  Good luck.

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