6 Predictions For the Los Angeles Marijuana Industry in 2017

Marijuana Industry Predictions in Los Angeles

Last year saw a massive victory for the legalization of cannabis in California. In 2016, voters approved Proposition 64, making it legal for people to grow, carry and use marijuana recreationally. According to the Los Angeles Times, the city’s annual marijuana sales crossed the $1.3 billion mark in 2015 already. Combined with the approval of Proposition 215 in 1996, weed is now legal for everyone in the state.

The future of the marijuana industry in Los Angeles looks very bright indeed, despite a few potential setbacks in U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his policing policies. The market for recreational marijuana in Los Angeles is still in its early stages, and many industry folk will be keeping an eye on progress during 2017. Even so, cannabis delivery service in Loss Angeles looks set to grow exponentially.

So, just what are the biggest predictions for Los Angeles marijuana industry in 2017?

1. Major Sports League to Support Cannabis
2. Los Angeles Set to Become Weed Capital
3. More Interest in Synthetic Cannabinoids
4. Cannabis Theme for Primetime Television
5. Increase in Craft Weed
6. Failed Marijuana Recycling

1. Major Sports League to Support Cannabis

Industry experts believe that a popular sports league will come out publically in support of medical cannabis this year. Professional athletes are already rejecting their opiate prescriptions in favor of using marijuana to treat their head injuries and aches and pains. Medical weed is legal in more than half of the country, and players want to receive the same treatment as other patients.

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2. Los Angeles Set to Become Weed Capital

Denver will likely fall from grace as the cannabis capital of the United States. Los Angeles is taking over that title rapidly. According to Forbes, annual sales of medical marijuana alone are about to pass the $1 billion mark, which is more than Colorado’s total cannabis market. Everyone is waiting for the city to pass a proper licensing ordinance this year, which will open the Los Angeles market to recreational sales.

The marijuana industry of Los Angeles is an emerging market that is attracting investors in droves. Local ventures are receiving capital funding in abundance, and cannabis dispensaries are preparing for a very busy 2017. Investors can smell the potential of cannabis sales in the city, and it is a very sweet aroma for them indeed.

3. More Interest in Synthetic Cannabinoids

A battle is waging over the legalization of cannabis extracts. The Drug Enforcement Agency, A.G. Sessions, and the Hemp Industries Association are emphasizing the federally illegal nature of cannabinoids. In response, there is likely to be a surge of interest in synthetics. Besides the argument raging around the legality of cannabinoids, there are no legal limitations of synthetic products.

However, there is some debate among patients about the efficacy of synthetics. Many worry that they are not as effective as natural marijuana. Nevertheless, there will be a higher demand for synthetics as fears continue over legal concerns.

4. Cannabis Theme for Primetime Television

Everyone knows and loves the series Weeds. It has been more than a decade since the smash hit from Showtime, which told the story of a suburban mother who made ends meet through pot sales. At the time, the topic was taboo and the show considered revolutionary. Now we have High Maintenance on HBO, and we have Mary + Jane on MTV. Much has changed on television over the last few years.


Polls show that most people in the United States favor the legalization of cannabis. For this reason, it is safe to bet that very soon a major network will use a weed theme for a primetime show. The NBC recently gave Parks and Recreation’s Adam Scott the go ahead to develop Buds, a comedy about a Denver dispensary. At this point, we have yet to receive a timeline for when this show will come out.

5. Increase in Craft Weed

Expect the commoditization of the marijuana industry in Los Angeles during 2017. Prices always fall when market supply grows. This will likely cause premium cannabis products to enter the market at a faster rate. As with what happened when the alcohol industry matured after prohibition, weed producers will want to add value to their products and sell them at a higher price.

Consumers will see more branding, premium packaging, “seed to sale” services, delivery rewards, and other differentiations in value. The craft bud will make its mark in 2017. Some growers will look for endorsements from celebrities, while still others may highlight the organic nature of their products.

6. Failed Marijuana Recycling

Weed must pass pesticide tests to enter the market. Growers are currently destroying entire crops if they fail these tests. The Cannabis Business Alliance is attempting to recycle such wastage, working with lawmakers to find safe, alternative uses for these crops instead. We predict that they will find success, and that unsafe harvests will become solvents and other non-ingestible products.

Future of the Marijuana Industry in Los Angeles

The weed industry does not intend to slow down anytime soon. In fact, it will explode in California and throughout the United States. In particular, cannabis delivery service in Los Angeles and surrounding areas will enjoy the most growth. People will stop visiting dispensaries and start ordering their stash online the moment it becomes available to recreational users.

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    My prediction:

    1.Major Sports League to Support Cannabis
    2.More Interest in Synthetic Cannabinoids
    3. Increase in Craft Weed
    4. Failed Marijuana Recycling

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