6 Reasons for the Elderly to Use Medical Marijuana

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Seniors should consume more weed, and they are in ever-increasing numbers. Medical marijuana effectively treats most symptoms associated with the most common diseases affecting the elderly today. It can literally be the solution for seniors stuck in never-ending prescription-based debt, and it can liberate them from taking some of the most harmful drugs known to man on a daily basis.

Because marijuana is so effective at treating most medical ailments of our times, it can have a therapeutic effect overall that significantly improves the health, well-being, and quality of life experienced by aging populations. Science is busily proving the medicinal uses of cannabis, and seniors would be wise to consider using marijuana in lieu of their prescription pills.

Here are six good reasons for senior citizens to consume medical marijuana:

1. Medical Cannabis Can Save Money on Massive Prescription Costs

According to a study commissioned by Families USA, the average cost of prescription drugs is $2,810 a year for those aged 65-years and older in the United States. Traditionally, seniors pay much more for medicines than those in younger groups. Every year, the elderly spend approximately 15 percent of their fixed annual incomes just on prescription drugs alone, and each year, that number rises steadily.

Bradford and Bradford, a research group at the University of Georgia, predicted in 2016 that if every state in the United States legalized medical cannabis, the nation could save more than $400 million each year. The elderly, in particular, could benefit maximally from small, potent doses of marijuana tinctures, oils, edibles, and topical products, which have long shelf lives and can last months.

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Additionally, doctors prescribe many medications to seniors just to alleviate the side effects of taking other prescription drugs. Because medical marijuana typically has no dangerous side effects, the price of medicines will drop significantly just from this alone. Cannabis is notably more affordable than lists of prescription drugs, and the elderly will not have any need to swallow so many pills anymore.

2. Seniors Consume the Most Prescription Painkillers in the United States

The United States is currently fighting a widespread opioid epidemic. As a population group, seniors are especially vulnerable to opioid addiction and lethal overdosing, and they are the demographic swallowing more highly addictive prescription painkillers than any other. Marijuana is a widely used treatment for chronic pain, and more and more people are throwing their painkillers away for it.

Recent studies suggest that marijuana can help alleviate the severe opioid crisis facing elderly citizens in the United States. In fact, opioid addiction, overdose, and usage rates are declining in every state where cannabis is legal. It is an effective treatment for opioid addiction: It helps patients cope with withdrawal symptoms easier, and its painkilling properties eliminate their need for opioid drugs altogether.

3. Marijuana May Reverse Age-Related Decline in Cognitive Functioning

A recent study, conducted by Nature Medicine, found that when administering tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, to elderly mice, neurons in the hippocampus responded by growing more synapses, or contact points for communication between neurons. This vastly improved their cognitive performance, as brain neurons regained the ability to transmit messages easily throughout the body.

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As we age, the brain produces fewer neurons and stops building as many synapses between them, resulting in noticeable memory loss, lack of gross motor coordination, and other neural or cognitive issues. The cannabinoids in marijuana work with the natural endocannabinoids in the brain to repair damaged synapses, build new ones, and improve overall mental functioning.

4. Edibles are Exceptionally Easy for Most Seniors to Make

Most elderly citizens have fair to excellent cooking skills. They grew up without the conveniences of today, and most learned home economics during their school years. Those who would prefer not to smoke marijuana can make delicious edibles with it instead, and when it comes to finding the correct dose, a little experimenting can add some fun to their dishes and baked desserts.

Marijuana edibles available on the current market are mostly extremely high in sugar. They are not suitable for diabetics, who frequently suffer episodes after eating some of them. Elderly folk with high blood sugar levels should rather make their own edibles. Doing so will give them control of ingredients used, as well as allow them to meet their dietary requirements and share their treats safely with others.

5. Cannabis Effectively Treats Mental Issues

Depression and anxiety are severe issues afflicting aging populations, and sadly, frequently underreported. The aging process itself, along with physical health and life changes, are partly to blame for the shockingly high statistics. Even worse, many add anti-anxiety and anti-depressant drugs to their growing list of daily prescriptions.

Unfortunately, the side effects of these drugs alone can cause even more medical problems for aging citizens. They are also highly addictive, and many senior folks become heavily dependent on them. Marijuana is a natural mood enhancer that science and anecdotal evidence prove effective at combating depression, anxiety, and other stress-related issues, which greatly enhances life quality.

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6. Elderly Citizens Have Cannabinoid Choices

Many prescription drugs have nasty effects on the brain. Most can make you feel sluggish, drugged, mentally foggy, dizzy, and too fatigued to do life. With cannabinoids like cannabidiol available, seniors can make their own choices about how they want their medication to make them feel. They do not have to endure the negative side effects of prescription drugs if they use marijuana instead.

Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD, or cannabidiol, is non-psychoactive. You do not have to get high if you do not want to. Choosing a marijuana product high in CBD and low in THC will have little effect on the brain, which means that seniors can avoid the negative effects commonly associated with prescription drugs and potent THC strains. They are able to stay sober if they choose to.


Medical marijuana offers many benefits for elderly citizens. It is cheaper, non-addictive, free of negative side effects; able to reduce the quantity of prescription consumption, and it is an effective treatment for an array of medical ailments ravaging aging populations today. The choice to try marijuana is yours alone, but the advantages of taking it can change your life for the better.

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    Elderly citizens those who take medical marijuana will be proud. The choice to try marijuana is yours alone, but the advantages of taking it can change your life for the better.

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