6 Tips for Buying Used Extraction Equipment

6 Tips for Buying Used Extraction Equipment

The cannabis industry is continuing on its explosive way, and one of its hottest trends right now is home extraction. Folks want to extract their own cannabinoids. The U.S. National Library of Medicine claims extracts richer in cannabinoids, more medicinally beneficial. Now, with COVID-19 keeping most indoors, wreaking havoc, many are using extracts. They have time. Some are considering extracting themselves.

Complementary market forces are driving this red-hot trend. The cannabis industry is maturing, which means pre-owned equipment is starting to enter the market. Further, supply disruptions due to COVID-19 are forcing companies to look for equipment locally. Volatility within the industry has also made cheaply available quality equipment from companies that went out of business.

For aspiring extractors, there has never been a better time to buy better equipment at better prices. Clever entrepreneurs are building entire laboratories now for half the cost of buying new. However, competition is exceptionally high. Everybody wants it. Refurbishing companies cannot keep used equipment in stock. It is like peak cannabis delivery. Stock disappears as soon as ordered.

So how do you find a good deal in a competitive used extraction market? These six tips might help:

1.      Shop Around

Used extraction equipment is an asset. Like used cars though, it depreciates. You need to do some homework to avoid regretting your buy later. If the listing is casual, your legwork should be more. Shop around. Options abound for those looking for them. Check Craigslist, eBay, and other popular classifieds. However, you should do so cautiously and know what your options are, know what you are buying:

  • Ask reason for sale.
  • Request all throughput documentation for the machine, similar to checking a used car’s mileage.
  • Insist on a complete maintenance schedule and service log.
  • Find out if the manufacturer is helpful when servicing the machine, and which, if any, components are still under warranty.
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Know what you are buying. If you would prefer an experience less stressful, then refurbished equipment is worth consideration. Extraction makers, like electronics makers, frequently buy used equipment back. They replace necessary parts and then sell it again. While you will pay more than used, it is still less than new and offers the security of refurbishment. It also gives you customer service. This is always nice.

2.      See Before Buying

Sticking with the used-car example, even the very best refurbished equipment requires test-driving it. Make a point of visiting personally to see it in action. Keep one eye on the seller and the other on the machine. If the seller looks surprised it works, then consider that a warning. Find out how to care for it. Know what you will need to do if you encounter problems. Go and look at it yourself before buying.

3.      Get Advice from Others

Word of mouth is extremely effective. Ask around. Your friends or colleagues might know of people upgrading their equipment or otherwise outgrowing it. Ask manufacturers directly for recommendations, for referrals to customers that you can ask. People will tell you if equipment is quality or not. Consider trade shows. Look for opportunities to network with equipment-selling folks.

4.      Consider Electrical Requirements

It is imperative that your electrical system is compatible with any equipment that you buy. It is very common for buyers to overlook this completely, especially first-time buyers. Do not just assume that electricians can adjust non-compatible components. They cannot. It might take them much longer. You might need to buy transformers, reduce voltages, and get otherwise complicated. Check compatibility.

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5.      Clean Thoroughly before Use

Before using any secondhand extraction equipment, it is highly advisable that you clean it first. Then, clean it again. Do several cleaning runs before actually using it. This will also give you an opportunity to check that all components are working at their optimal performance. Cleaning and sanitizing will improve your extractions significantly. You will be happy that you did it.

6.      Start Thinking of Selling

The moment you get your used equipment working and running, you should start thinking of selling it again. Do you remember the legwork required to check the piece before buying it? Keep all the documentation that you wanted as a buyer, the service logs, general operations, and throughput. This will make selling it later easier, and at a still-good price. Selling and reselling will maintain asset value.

Marijuana Delivery Los Angeles

Extraction is fast becoming a favorite hobby among weed enthusiasts. Any strain you like is available for cannabis delivery. Simply search Google for “marijuana delivery Los Angeles” to find the best of them. Sativas, Indicas, hybrids, you can extract them all and experiment in food, drinks, and other concentrates. You can make extracts and infusions for any occasion. For friends and family.

For those looking to get serious about extraction, there is heavier-duty equipment available too. Companies are starting with cheap equipment in their backyards. Garages. Parent’s homes. The cannabis industry is thriving. Opportunity abounds for any innovating entrepreneurs of tomorrow. You can start small, resell, and grow bigger as you go. Your only limits are those you create yourself.

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