6 Tips for Successful Greenhouse Growing

Anyone who understands the basics of growing marijuana will be able to increase yield tenfold in a greenhouse. Failure is certain, however, if you have no clue what you are doing. If you do not give your plants the right water, light, air, nutrients, and conditions, then you will be searching Google for “weed delivery near me.” Success relies heavily on creating a natural environment for your cannabis plants.

Fortunately, growing marijuana really is very easy. If it has what it needs, it grows itself. All you have to do is provide it with a few necessities. As your experience grows, you can start playing around with different techniques. You can manipulate the climate and use other strategies to get the most from your harvest. For now, here are six very easy tips to make a success out of greenhouse growing: 

1. Think of Space

Space is essential if you want to grow healthy plants. Roots do not enjoy constriction. They need space to grow. Plants need vertical space too, particularly Sativas, which can double in height, even triple, after flowering. Measure the space in your greenhouse. Fit your plants accordingly. Build your space to accommodate all the unique needs of cannabis plants. This is extremely important. Not negotiable. 

If you are a complete beginner, then always start small and simple. You can later expand the space as you acquire funds and experience to do so. Keep your greenhouse clean. Sterile even. Sanitize when and wherever necessary. All of this must fit into your space, without your plants having to make any sacrifices. If you give them enough room to grow, grow they most certainly will. 

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2. Invest in Lighting

Lighting is an investment. Your plants need more than just adequate light. Although greenhouses utilize natural sun wherever possible, absorbing its full light spectrum, the more chance plants have to photosynthesize, the better. Think about how light will enter your greenhouse, from which side. Build your space to block out light, as well. This may be necessary too. Light requires intense consideration. 

Your plants need light to grow. During their vegetative phase, or growing stage, cannabis plants require at least 12 hours of it. If you can give more, then do so. Any less than 12 hours and your plants will begin flowering. If you intend harvesting more than just once annually, this is very important. Build your greenhouse to utilize natural light at every opportunity. Some quality lighting is also necessary. 

To help manage the lifecycles of your plants, consider investing in light-emitting diode lights, or LEDs. Although pricier than other options, the investment is worth it. Other lights seldom offer enough light spectrum to grow healthy plants. High-intensity discharge lights, or HIDs, use more electricity than LEDs, despite higher efficiency. They do not last as long as LEDs either, which offer the best value for money.

3. Consider Air

Your plants will need air. Plenty of it. Fresh air. Greenhouses have a tendency toward stuffiness. They get too humid, often with consequences. Carbon dioxide, or CO2, is vital for your plants. As such, you need to ensure your greenhouse has more than sufficient air circulation and ventilation. Buy fans. Carbon filters can help reduce the smell. Give your greenhouse plenty of vents, pathways, and windows. 

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4. Choose Your Seeds

Genetics can be the difference between success and failure when growing cannabis. Seeds require serious thought. You can clone and use other advanced skills to propagate your plants, but seeds work best for newbies and offer a good source of new genetics. Seeds germinate better than clones take root. Despite all the benefits of seeds, however, there are some factors to consider when choosing them.  

Never plant bad seeds. Damaged seeds are not worth any effort. Avoid green, pale, and soft seeds too. Rather select those with hard shells. Sativa seeds often have dark mottling, whereas Indicas frequently have dark stripes. You can plant as many seeds as your greenhouse can handle comfortably. Remember, if you buy regular seeds, some will be males. You must pull these before they pollinate the females. 

5. Provide Enough Water

Cannabis plants are thirsty. They drink plenty. Make sure your greenhouse can provide them with enough water. You can harvest water from the greenhouse itself. Other great ideas exist online. Whatever you choose, weed plants require water every two days, every day if the soil dries fast. However, the National Collaborating Center for Environmental Health warns that too much water can increase risk of plant disease, as well as bacterial and fungal growth. 

6. Feed Nutrients

You will also need to provide your plants with nutrients. The market has many good ones on offer. Plan a regular schedule for feeding your plants if you want the most success from your greenhouse. They will need different nutrients during different stages of their lifecycle. Nitrogen-enriched products are ideal for the vegetative phase. They need nitrogen to grow. During flowering, they prefer phosphorus. 

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Weed Delivery Santa Monica

Although it is easy and legal to grow your own weed in California, most still search “weed delivery near me” for fast and convenient cannabis delivery. Growing your own is easy, but it takes time. Further, it is very rewarding to harvest your own. A greenhouse makes doing that both fun and achievable. You can find information online to grow cannabis any way you want. These tips can help you get started. 

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