6 Ways to Improve Greenhouse Growth

6 Ways to Improve Greenhouse Growth

A greenhouse can increase cannabis yield significantly. Just knowing a few basics can make this tenfold. However, failure comes guaranteed if you have no idea what to do. Cannabis plants have needs. It is your responsibility to provide for them. They need air, light, nutrients, water, and optimal conditions. Issues with any can prove disastrous, leaving you searching “Los Angeles weed delivery” in Google. 

Growing weed is actually easy. Cannabis grows itself really, provided it has what it needs to do so. You only need make sure of this. As you gain experience, you can start experimenting with different growing methods and equipment. There is much fun for all in climate manipulation and other strategies that boost harvest. However, when first starting out, it is best to stick to methods tried and true: 

1. Provide Sufficient Space

Space is crucial. Healthy plants need plenty of it. Root restriction constricts growth, stops it altogether. Make sure your plants have enough space, both for their roots and for their height. Sativas especially can grow very tall, easily tripling in height after flowering. Measure your greenhouse and space your plants accordingly. Consider all the needs of your plants and then build your space to fit them all. 

If you are just starting out, then keep it simple. Start small. As funds and experience grows, you can always expand your space. Remember cleaning. You will need to do lots of it. Plenty of sanitizing ahead. Build your space so that you can clean it easily too, without having to sacrifice any of what your plants need. If cannabis plants have space to grow, then grow they always will. Give it to them. 

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2. Make Lighting Priority

Consider lighting your most important investment. Cannabis plants require much of it. While greenhouse makes use of natural sun effectively, plants do better with even more light. Provide the full light spectrum for optimal photosynthesis. Consider how light enters your space. Which side? You will also need to block light out too, so factor that into your considerations. 

Cannabis plants grow when they have light. During their vegetative stage, when they are growing, they need 12 hours of it, at least. The more they can get, then the better. When they start getting less than 12 hours, they will start flowering. If you want to harvest twice a year or more, then this is crucial. Use natural light wherever possible in your greenhouse, and invest in quality lighting too. 

Light-emitting diode lights, or LEDs, are more expensive than other forms of lighting. However, the initial price is worth it. LEDs help you better manage the lifecycle of plants. Other lights do not offer the full light spectrum for optimal growth. High-intensity discharge lights, or HIDs, are more electricity-intensive than LEDs, but they are less efficient and do not last as long. LEDs remain the best value for money. 

3. Give Adequate Air

You will need to provide sufficient air for your plants. Greenhouses tend to get humid. Stuffy. Such conditions are perfect for mold and other issues to occur. Further, your plants need carbon dioxide. This requires enough ventilation and circulation of fresh air. You will need to purchase quality fans. To help control the smell, carbon filters can work. Just make sure you have enough vents for air to move freely. 

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4. Dispense Plenty of Water

Cannabis plants drink lots of water. These are thirsty plants, so make sure you give them enough of it. According to the National Collaborating Center for Environmental Health, too much water can cause disease. Make sure to find the right balance to give your plants what they need and still prevent fungal and bacterial growth. Water every two days, more if the soil dries out. Harvest your own water too. 

5. Offer Sufficient Nutrients

Nutrients are essential for healthy cannabis plants. The market offers many good ones. Feed your plants regularly, according to an actual plan, well thought out. Cannabis plants need different nutrients at different times. Nitrogen-rich products are best when they are growing, while phosphorus-enriched products are best when they are flowering. Feed the right nutrients at the right times for ideal results. 

6. Use Only Good Seeds

Your choice of seeds requires intense consideration. The success or failure of your grow can depend entirely on genetics. You can propagate and clone plants as you want, but seeds are undeniably best for those starting out. They also introduce new genes. Further, seeds germinate more successfully than clones root. Even so, it is imperative to think carefully when selecting cannabis seeds. 

Bad seeds are a waste of time. Do not even bother planting them. Pale, green, soft, and damaged seeds are not worth any effort. Choose hard seeds. Hardy ones. Sativas usually have mottled seeds, whereas Indicas usually come striped. Plant as many plants as you can fit comfortably in your space. However, regular seeds will contain males. You will need to remove males early, before they pollinate your girls.

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Los Angeles Weed Delivery

Although marijuana delivery is legal in Los Angeles, growing your own promises real adventure. It is very rewarding to harvest your own buds, an intimate learning experience. You only need time, space, patience, and a few good greenhouse practices to achieve success. Information is readily available online. These tips can set you on the right path. The rest is up to just how you treat your plants. 

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