7 Facts to Consider Before Visiting a Marijuana Dispensary

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Visiting a marijuana dispensary can be a hair-raising experience, and that is making a very generous statement. Although California legalized the recreational cannabis market on New Year’s Day already, officials are way behind schedule. They are still issuing licenses to qualifying pot shops and have a long way to go still. Until it finishes this process, there simply are not enough stores to meet the demand.

Complaints are skyrocketing among consumers, who are unhappy about several issues plaguing the fledgling industry. While the market swaggers under the weight of a new, yet growing economy, more and more people are simply turning to the Internet. You can find an even better marijuana dispensary online. Furthermore, there are incredible benefits just waiting for you to buy marijuana online.

Visiting Your Local Marijuana Dispensary

If you live in any town or city in California, then you likely have a pot shop near you. If not yet, then they will soon arrive. The legal market is booming and the state will issue as many licenses as it can to capitalize on its lucrative opportunity. However, despite being legal and compliant with extremely high quality standards, you must consider several major inconveniences of even going there:

1.      Traffic

The roads are horrendous in California. Traffic is a real concern. Navigating it can be a health risk all on its own, as the frustration of sitting idle for possibly hours can overwhelm even the calmest among us. You will need to get to your local weed shop, if traffic even allows. You will also need to make the return drive home. This can easily steal hours of time that could have been more productive spent elsewhere.

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2.      Fuel

Gas is expensive. Driving around California unnecessarily is just wasting it, as is guzzling it while stuck in traffic. Not only will it cost you in time and stress to get there, but also the fuel you use will cost a bit too. Additionally, gas is a major pollutant, a leading contributor to climate change. There is no need to add to this problem or make yourself poorer. Somebody can deliver your stash instead.

3.      Queues

After wasting however long just dodging traffic to get there, you will have to wait even longer for service. Because so few weed stores are operating legally, they attract consumers in droves. Queues are a serious setback. Budtenders, although doing the very best that they can, are overly busy and cannot get to everybody quick enough. You could easily waste another hour or two there.

4.      Choice

Your local pot store can only stock a limited number of products. Due to space limitations, it cannot collaborate with all of California’s suppliers, only a handful of them. You may not always find what you are looking for instore. There will be flowers, concentrates, even a few edibles and accessories, but if there is a specific strain you want, you may not get it. Online stores guarantee a much bigger selection.

5.      Safety

Your safety should be of paramount importance. Sadly, getting to many weed stores is risky in itself. Because of the nature of these businesses, officials are locating them in some of the most dangerous areas in California, known for hijackings, assaults, robberies, car theft, and worse. Although the state mandates 24-hour security for pot shops, criminals can be opportunistic outside.

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6.      Discretion

Your local marijuana dispensary, despite good intentions, is not very discreet. Everyone around will see you enter and leave. Other customers will see you inside. Security personnel will scrutinize your I.D. If that is not invasive enough, 24-hour camera surveillance will be watching your every twitch. You will not be able to keep your visit a secret. If you buy marijuana online, however, nobody will ever know.

7.      Prices

Although legal pot shops offer nice prices for quality weed, you will still pay more than you would online. There are specials and discounts available if you ask for them, but only the ones applicable to the store itself. When you buy marijuana online, you have coupons, deals and promotions from multiple suppliers, all in a single place. There are simply more chances for you to save cash online than instore.

Visiting a Marijuana Dispensary Online

The online marketplace is a completely different ball game. You do not have to worry about traffic or insanely long queues. You save on fuel, instead of wasting it. There is no threat to your safety, as there is no need to go to these unsafe locations. You have vastly more cannabis products to choose from, and your package will arrive unmarked, in an unmarked vehicle, by a driver in unmarked clothes. Secret safe.

More importantly, you will be able to find the best prices for premium-grade cannabis. Because an online marijuana dispensary collaborates with numerous suppliers, you can find more opportunities to save money. You have access to all of them. Experts predict that cannabis sales will occur almost exclusively online in the near future. The reason for this is clear to anyone visiting a local pot shop.

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