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A few decades ago, cooking with weed in Vacaville was a major taboo subject, reserved for stereotypical stoners only. As far as most people knew, marijuana made you giggle and got you “high.” It was not something anyone would consider medicine and nobody knew of its health value. We now know that cannabis cooking offers tons of benefits, none of which has anything to do with spacing out.

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That is not all, though. Where a generation ago the only edibles anyone knew of were weed brownies, the last few years have seen a marked growth in edible products, all of which you can get via weed delivery in Vacaville. From drinks to starters, main dishes, desserts, snacks, and anything you can think of, whole cookbooks are now teaching new generations to become red-eyed master chefs.

If you are still keeping cannabis out of your dishes, the time is now to add it. Here is why:

1. Avoid the “High”

Cannabis does not have to make you stoned if you do not want it to, especially when it comes to cooking with marijuana. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the psychoactive cannabinoid that gets you “high.” However, raw leaves do not contain THC. They have the non-psychoactive THCA, which only converts into THC when it matures or when you expose it to the decarboxylation process, which is heat.

Many folks add raw hemp and marijuana to their diet for this specific reason. You can get all the health benefits that cannabis offers without goofing out. Furthermore, you can add cannabidiol, or CBD, products to your meals for the same purpose, as CBD is also non-psychoactive and full of medicinal properties. If you want to buzz, well, that is good for you too.

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2. Get Your Vitamins

Raw marijuana leaves, when analyzed from a biochemical perspective, are high in essential vitamins, minerals, and even fiber, all the excellent stuff your body needs. Despite making users stoned, pot plants are leafy greens. They contain blood-thinning Vitamin K, immune-boosting Vitamin C, and blood oxygenating iron, bone strengthening calcium, bowel-moving fiber, even DNA repairing folate.

3. Dose with Antioxidants

Your body needs antioxidants for several reasons: Firstly, they protect your cells from stress and related damage. Secondly, they prevent serious illness, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. Thirdly, they defend against “free radicals,” those highly reactive compounds that cause immense destruction to the body over time. Cannabis is high in antioxidants, so juice it, cook it, or swallow it whole. Just get it in.

4. Quit Smoking

Most cannabis lovers enjoy a good toke. However, the reality is that smoking is not good for you. Sucking in hot smoke can inflame the respiratory system, and everyone knows that weed smokers inhale deeply to get a good hit and hold it in their lungs longer. For these reasons, you can end up with four times as much tar on your lungs than tobacco smokers, as burning pot leaves creates tar.

When cooking with it, however, you have none of these concerns to worry about, as no dangerous carcinogens end up in your lungs. Even the psychoactive effects of eating weed are different to smoking it. When you swallow weed, your liver first metabolizes it, which changes Delta-9 THC into 11-OH-THC, which has a more intense, longer-lasting stone.

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5. Get Pain Relief

As just mentioned, people who eat cannabis experience a different kind of buzz, a longer, more intense, full-body high, than those who inhale it, who generally just feel stoned for a couple of hours. Although it will take longer to feel, cooking with weed will provide more pain relief and last a lot longer, while targeting the pain at its source and neutralizing it. Effects of eating weed last several hours.

6. Quell Nausea

Science proves conclusively that medical marijuana both reduces nausea and stimulates appetite, and clinically to boot. In fact, hundreds of studies show cannabis effectively treating vomiting and nausea in both people and animals. One such study, from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, proves manipulating the endocannabinoid system incredibly effective at regulating stomach upset.

This is true regardless of whether you are vomiting or feeling nauseous because of chemical toxins, such as chemotherapy, or natural germs, such as bacterium. Because it takes so long for effects to kick in after eating pot, however, edibles are not that useful for sudden bouts you are not expecting. However, if you know when to anticipate nausea and stomach pain, eating cannabis is an excellent idea.

7. Combat Cancer

Finally, after decades of what some call outright lies, the National Cancer Institute admits that cannabinoids can actually fight cancer. A few years ago, it updated its website to state this fact, claiming cannabis not only effective at relieving the symptoms of cancer treatments, but that it also isolates and destroys cancer cells. Scientists proved this in clinical studies on living animals.

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Sadly, for those unaware, it is impossible to smoke enough of it to cure cancer. When you swallow just a drop or two of the recommended dosage in highly concentrated oils, however, miracles can and do happen. It tastes horrible, though, which is why people add the clinical dose to delicious foods rather, such as brownies, cookies, vegetables, and even toast.

Find Weed in Vacaville

Edibles are skyrocketing in popularity across California. Residents of Vacaville are buying them in droves, with many making their own at home. A simple search online can introduce you to a world of edibles for sale, but if you prefer cooking yourself, you can find plenty of cannabis concentrates to infuse into your food. Even better, it will arrive on your doorstep within 45 minutes of ordering it, just in time for guests.

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  1. Avatar for Armando Armando June 17, 2018 / 12:39 pm / Reply

    I didnt know weed was so healthy to consume. Im going to start consuming more Cannabis Oil and edibles

  2. Avatar for Susan Susan September 13, 2018 / 12:59 pm / Reply

    Yeah Armando! I make myself a shake every day with cannabis oil

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