7 Must-Try Edibles for Weed Delivery in Fairfield

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Pot edibles are the hottest trend in California right now. Buy them readymade and accurately portioned or make them yourself in your kitchen. When ingested, the effects of marijuana are more intense and last much longer, even if they take a longer time to hit, up to two hours in some cases. Lozenges and hard candies are faster, since they enter the bloodstream via the mucus membranes of the mouth.

When delivered via the digestive tract, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, must first go through digestion and metabolize in the liver before it enters the bloodstream. This can take some time, but if you are patient, the wait is well worth the intensity of effects. However, if you are in a hurry to get high or are in need of immediate pain relief, then suckling edibles offer a faster route of administration.

Without further ado, here are seven edibles you absolutely must try:

1.      Trokie Lozenges

Trokie cannabis-infused lozenges are extremely popular. You can carry them in your pocket wherever you go and nobody will know the difference, unless you share them, of course. They come with or without THC. CBD lozenges contain as much as 50 milligrams of CBD per lozenge. If you would prefer to feel the stone, then you can get lozenges with 20 milligrams THC, and they include an equal ratio of CBD.

2.      Chill Chocolates

Chill makes weed-infused chocolates in a variety of delightful flavors. You can find milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and any chocolate your heart desires, and in berry, peppermint, just name your poison. All contain both THC and CBD, but in varying potencies. Some contain as much as 50 milligrams THC and CBD, while others contain 10 milligrams per serving and lower CBD levels.

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3.      Zendo Coconut Oil

Zendo Coconut Oil contains a 10-milligram infusion of THC per product, as well as five milligrams of CBD. You can use it topically to treat an array of skin ailments, from psoriasis to eczema, dermatitis, acne and more. However, its greatest benefit is as an edible. Simply add it to your favorite foods and drinks, or use it in your recipes to make any edible your imagination can think up.

4.      Pure Vida Protein Bites

Pure Vida Protein Bites are the hottest trend among health conscious folks. These granola products come in peanut butter, blueberry almond, chocolate cranberry, coconut, and other delicious flavors. Each granola bar contains 25 milligrams of THC and is either perfect as a snack or added to breakfast cereals. They are gluten- and GMO-free, as well as 100 percent Vegan.

5.      Bhang Caramel Bites

If you, like most everyone, loves dark, rich chocolate and creamy caramel, then the Bhang Caramel Bites are an absolute must-try. Each bite consists of an equal 15 milligrams of both THC and CBD. They are potent and promise long-lasting effects, but so delicious are they, that you will find yourself hard-pressed not to eat them all in one sitting.  One bite is a sufficient dose for newbies.

6.      Half Lit Hard Candies

Half Lit Moonlit Hard Candy comes in boxes of six candies, each a different flavor, from mango to pineapple, lemonade, watermelon, caramel, and lavender. Each candy contains a 10-milligram serving of THC, making them among the most portable, easiest to dose of all edibles available. They are potent and effects kick in within half an hour. The buzz of each candy lasts as long as six hours.

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7.      Big Pete’s Mini Cookie

Big Pete’s Mini Cookie offers a delightful cinnamon and sugar treat. They are insanely popular because of their unmatched tastiness and potency. Each cookie contains 20 milligrams of THC, and they wonderfully crisp on the outside and softly smooth inside. You can gobble them on their own, or you can be adventurous and dunk them in your hot milk or coffee.

Weed Delivery Fairfield

Cannabis delivery is available to Fairfield within 45 minutes or less. You can order any of these edibles online and have them arrive on your doorstep quickly, safely, and discreetly. If you would prefer to make your own edibles at home, then you can buy high quality buds to make your own cannabutter, or you can order the Zendo Coconut Oil in its stead.

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