7 Perks of Morning Edibles

7 Perks Of Morning Edibles

Nobody disputes the medical benefits of cannabis anymore, so vast is the number of studies proving its therapeutic properties. However, many still fear using it during the day, and many remain unaware of the benefits of ingesting it. Cannabis edibles are full of all the goodness these miraculous plants offer, and you should include it in your diet yesterday already, or even better, for breakfast. Here is why:

1. Cannabis is Energizing

If you lack energy during the day, feel constantly fatigued, or otherwise, need to get yourself up and running, then cannabis can give you just the boost that you need. Not all cannabis strains have energizing properties, however, only pure Sativa strains or Sativa-dominant hybrids. Look for edibles that derive from Sativas for the first meal of the day, since Indicas have completely opposite effects.

2. Cannabis is Motivating

Even the busiest, most productive people struggle with motivation sometimes. Marijuana can resolve this issue, giving you the inspiration you need to complete a project or errand. Once again, this is very strain-dependent, so look for Sativa-derived edibles for breakfast. A potent Indica can leave you feeling much unmotivated, very likely fast asleep and glued to your favorite couch.

3. Cannabis is Creative

One of the biggest advantages of morning edibles is the creativity it can give you. Pure Sativa strains and predominantly Sativa hybrids are famous among musicians, artists, writers, and other creative types, who rely on them for their next idea or project conception. If you are lacking inspiration for anything particular, then Sativa-derived edibles first thing in the day could give you the creative boost you need.

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4. Cannabis is Analgesic

The primary reason for most people to consume marijuana edibles is to benefit from its analgesic or pain-relieving properties. Cannabis is famously pain numbing, which the U.S. Library of Medicine confirms, affecting both pain perception and the actual inflammation responsible for causing the pain. Because edibles can take up to hours to feel, morning is, without doubt, the best time to take it for pain.

5. Cannabis is Mood-Enhancing

Anyone who has ever tried weed knows all about its happy, giggly, sociable effects. What is more, marijuana has both antidepressant and anxiolytic properties, meaning it kills the blues and relieves anxiety. According to the World Health Organization, 350 million people suffer depression around the world, yet simply breakfasting with cannabis can alleviate this problem significantly.

6. Cannabis is Antiemetic

If you are taking medications that cause nausea, or are suffering a condition that results in queasiness, then you can treat it with cannabis, which is famously antiemetic, or anti-nausea. Instead of waiting for bouts of vomiting to occur, start your day off with a cannabis breakfast. Doing so will keep any nausea at bay throughout the day, and relieve other digestive issues too, such as diarrhea or worse.

7. Cannabis is Appetizing

Not only are tasty edibles easy to devour, but marijuana has appetite-regulating properties too. It can stimulate your appetite if you are struggling to eat, a common symptom of many illnesses and medications, and it does so while helping you to lose weight too. The “munchies” are among the most notorious side effects of cannabis use, but the right strain can also decrease appetite for overeaters.

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Final Thoughts

With so many benefits of eating cannabis in the morning, it seems not having it for breakfast can actually be detrimental to a productive day for many people, healthy or not. However, it is important to reiterate the need for consuming the right strain for daytime use. Not all marijuana strains are ideal since some can put you to sleep instead. Look for those with predominantly Sativa genetics.


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