A Brief Overview of the Cannabis Movement

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Cannabis has been around for centuries, ancients used it as a means of healing and relaxation, and more recently it has begun to regularly be used seriously for both medical and recreational purposes again. In fact, with cannabis news continuing to grow, and the word continuing to spread of it’s supposed medical benefits and lack of negative side effects, (in regards to the negative effects of other illicit drug usage), many, in the United States specifically, have really begun to advocate for it’s acceptance and legalization across the board.

Because of this, three states have currently legalized the sale, distribution and use of medical, as well as recreational cannabis (including: Colorado, Washington and Oregon), and many more have legalized just medical cannabis, with more and more states seeming to consider it every day. In fact, the number of cannabis dispensaries has sky rocketed in the last decade, now including up to, if not more than, thousands in each legal state.

With this said, there is still some serious debate as to weather or not cannabis is, or should be considered to be, an illicit drug. The issue with this however, seems to revolve around the specific chemical THC which exists in the cannabis plant — i.e. the chemical in the “cannabis drug”, which actually gets the user in question high — and not necessarily all the chemicals in the plant itself. CBD for example, is a chemical that exists within cannabis plants, that has been proven to help ease the pains of cancer, cure epilepsy, and more!

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Regardless of how you personally may feel about cannabis however, it is clear that cannabis as a whole, is on the rise, and a craving for further knowledge on the subject is definitely increasing as well. So keep and eye out for further cannabis news, as it will undoubtedly continue to make headlines as research increases, dispensaries continue to open and grow and people come to terms what cannabis as a drug really means.


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  1. Avatar for Suzzy MQ Suzzy MQ April 22, 2016 / 11:41 am / Reply

    Medical Marijuana needs to be legalized on a Federal Level. It is about time. And Marijuana should be decriminalized throughout the country, to say the least. From what I have read and seen, this miracle plant is really helping patients

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