A California Cannabis Company gets money back in last days before Legalization

marijuana legalization

Proposition 64 has changed the way that California weed polices completely. We hear from one of the cannabis business owner who after being raided, arrested and fined, was then given back his money by the state prosecutor in light of the new changes to the law.https://www.potvalet.com/promo-codes/

With all these recent changes in legalization, it is little wonder that the main focus has been on the emerging marketplace. The talk seems to focus firmly on new cannabis-based products, strains of the plant itself and cannabis companies operating legally from 6AM on January 1st. (Albeit with the correct licensing.) The ability to buy California weed online and the immergence of weed delivery California has to offer. There is however a lot more going on when it comes to cannabis companies and the legalization of their sector.

Less of this massive amount of talk surrounding the cannabis industry focusses on those who have only recently had to pay the price of cultivating cannabis under the old rules. These new legislative changes that will see the state of California make it legal to grow plants for personal use. They will also allow businesses with the correct licences to grow, sell and distribute cannabis and cannabis-based products legally. So what of the people that were arrested just a few months ago for doing that same thing which is now being championed?

It would seem that there is little talk on the grapevine of these unlucky people. Those that didn’t have time or the law on their side. It is a moral grey are I guess, when a law changes and you have to wonder if it is right to continue jail sentences and fines for those that crimes that are now legal. There is however hope for some.

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Recent news in the Californian county of San Diego has told the story of one owner of a Californian cannabis business who had a stroke of luck to say the least. Many people might argue that giving him back money for a crime that is now legal is not an act that deserves much praise. However if you take into account the fact that the state prosecutor was not legally obliged to do this then it is still an unprecedented event.

In January of last year, James Slatic who owns a cannabis company that provides for the medical sector was raided by the San Diego Drug Enforcement. His business Med-West Distribution was a supplier to the marijuana market. All operations were forced to stop and $300,000 dollars in cash was seized and labelled as illegal drug profits. At the time of his arrest the laws on cannabis in the state were still a somewhat grey area in the marijuana market but not when it came to cultivation for sale and that was where he was charged. Only a few months ago he was finally charged with several counts of drug conspiracy. Though only misdemeanour offences they will still result in a criminal record and mere weeks from those very same laws being reversed.

It is most fortunate then that Mr Slatic has seen the District Attorney settle the forfeiture case in his favour. The fact of the matter is that when he was charged the laws were not on his side. Now that they are changing that way he has been lucky enough to be what may be the first in a few cases where fines are returned. The new laws will offer up both freedoms and questions of the morality of upholding the conditions of a law that is no longer in place.

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The news report stated that Mr Slatic said that though he was glad to have been given his money back, it did not change the fact that his business and family life had been left in ruin. It would seem that even the return of over a quarter of a million dollars can do little to change the fact that this man and many more have been prosecuted for breaking laws that the same state will no longer uphold. California, with the passing of proposition 64 is stating that these are no longer crimes; should those arrested for them still be asked to pay? Who knows, but here is a man who was given back a little of what he lost.

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