A Layman understands of the difference between Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa and why it’s important.

The last time I bought Marijuana was after I returned from Vietnam in 1972. My only thought was could I trust the seller and was it good enough to get high on. My choices were dictated as much by cost as it was on quality. Typically, we had Mexican, Panamanian or some that the seller claimed to be from Thailand. One never knew really what you were getting and only by going home and smoking it would you know if you received quality for your money. Home or laboratory grown was virtually unheard of at that time as acquiring seeds was a daunting task.

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As many people may have in their youth smoked Marijuana (cannabis) recreationally now find themselves requiring Medical Marijuana for health reasons they suddenly find that it is not just a matter of looking to your local connection to purchase something to get you buzzed. You are now seeking a product to save your life or to enhance the quality of your life.

Today we need to look to individual growers and suppliers such as the Pot Valet to provide us this much-needed product and information. Growers such as Pot Valet offer the most common strains and have also moved into the Cannabis Hybrid market that has proven to deliver the best of both the Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa plants in entirely new strains. This allows the grower to cross breed the plants to produce the best product to address specific medical issues.

So I will attempt in this article to help you understand today’s market in Medical Marijuana and the choices that you have when purchasing it.

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The Medical Marijuana products are broken down into three main categories or strains of the plant. Each one has different qualities and offers different degrees of benefit to the user. Choosing the correct product for you is a lot like shopping for fresh produce or fresh flowers. Each person has his own preference and you look for something that appeals to your taste. You look for color, aroma, and texture that you find appealing. We will discuss two of those strains in this article.

It is important that you understand the effects of each strain as a medical product to treat the symptoms you have and the other effects that come along with the medical relief. Your day to day schedule will dictate what you choose because the effects can be diametrically different. One strain may make you want to crash on the couch and binge on popcorn and Netflix while another may give you a feeling of need to get busy and do something.

1st Let’s learn the different strains by name and the history of its development. Through genetic manipulation and cross plant pollination, individual growers such as the Pot Valet have produced unique strains of each product.
Cannabis Indica:

In 1785, a famous biologist published a description of a species of Cannabis, named Cannabis Indica. Discovered in the Hindu Kush mountain range was a hearty cannabis plant that can seem to be able to grow in almost any climate condition.

Cannabis Indica resembles a tall bush with wide fat leaves primarily dark green with a hint of purple at the edges. Usually, cone-shaped, bushy, densely branched plant with dark green, broad fat leaves often times tinged with purple. Indica has a shortened flowering growth life because of its chlorophyll content. Making this a favorite for indoor cannabis cultivation because of its bush-like growth patterns and for the outdoor growers they benefit from an early flowering season.

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Cannabis Sativa:
Sativa has its first evidence of historical roots in Asia, the Middle East, China and parts of North Africa.

There is a vast recorded history of Cannabis being used as a source of strong fiber, oil, food, and medicine. There is early evidence of it being used for medicinal purposes as ointments, potions, and teas. The paper was another product that was made from Cannabis. If you have every rolled a joint from a good strain of Marijuana you would have noticed it was high in oil content. This allowed Cannabis to also provide many essential oils. I have been told the seeds are a good source of protein however, for now; it is just hearsay to me.

Growing wild in nature the Cannabis Sativa plant can grow and invade like weeds. Sativa plants are quite tall, sparsely branched and tend to have long, narrow leaves. Better grown outdoors as they can reach heights of up to 20 feet. The time necessary for the flowering stage usually spans 9 to 15 weeks. The buds grow long and narrow, and not too densely packed. The bud may be tinted slightly purple if it was grown in a cooler climate a warmer climate may produce a dark orange or even red tint.

Now that you understand a bit about the history of the two main strains of Medical Marijuana, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa and its growing properties you need to make a decision which one is best for your situation.

Cannabis Indica is thought to be the better hereditary qualities for restorative cannabis due to development periods and unrivaled inebriants. Today, a therapeutic cannabis cultivator can deliver any qualities required for a specific kind of pharmaceutical. An illustration is an amnesia, better treated with a cerebral high that a substantial headed body stone buzz, in this manner a producer can pick certain hereditary attributes suited to particular restorative conditions.

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Some alleviation has been found for Anxiety, Insomnia, Pain and Muscle Spasms.

Cannabis Sativa hereditary control has brought about a greater amount of an inebriant use. The cerebral impacts of sativa now prompt medicinal achievements for side effects like amnesia and low vitality levels.

Some alleviation can be found for Depression, ADD, Fatigue and Mood Disorders.

Cannabis Sativa my influence heart rate, circulatory strain, and transient memory.

Cultivators, for example, Pot Valet have additionally moved into the Cannabis Hybrid market that has demonstrated to convey the best of both plants in an altogether new strain. This permits the cultivator to breed the plants to create the best item to address particular therapeutic issues.

Sativa and Indica have been reproduced together for quite a long time making energizing new cross-breed strains of cannabis with fabulous individual hereditary traits. The decision of cannabis hereditary qualities develops each day.

I will address the Cannabis Hybrid products available at Pot Valet in my next article

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