Alex Bortel, A 12 Year Old Epileptic Girl Sues U.S Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Marijuana Legalization, 12 Year old epileptic girl sues U.S attorney General Jeff Sessions

Jeff sessions, the U.S Attorney General, has been sued by a 12 year-old epileptic girl Alexis Bortell. The 12 year- old was forced to move from her area of birth in Texas to Colorado to get access of the drug and now it is understood that the girl wants to legalize marijuana in all states of America.

She is suing the Attorney General Jeff Sessions over the nation’s federal injunction of medical marijuana.

She suffers from epilepsy which she was diagnosed with as a young child and now she has filed a lawsuit against Jeff Sessions in the Southern district of New York. The lawsuit was filed in July in the Southern District of New York in the Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Agency. The lawsuit was filed alongside her father, Dean, another child, a military veteran, a marijuana advocacy group and former National Football League player Marvin Washington. It is said that the federal government had already made attempts to dismiss the case but lost.

At the moment, 29 states have already legalized medical marijuana including Washington DC therefore; the lawsuit is seeking an attempt to legalize marijuana across all the states. Federally marijuana is illegal however; there are certain protections that have been put in place to bar the Justice Department from arresting medical marijuana users where the drug is legal.

The lawsuit might turn out to benefit millions of America citizens who wants to access the medical marijuana but cannot. Lawsuit further states that it will help them acquire cannabis for treatment of their diseases, illness and medical conditions.

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FDA approved treatments and procedures cannot control the 12 year-old epilepsy according to ABC reports. Bortell has been living with the condition since she was seven years old.

Bortell and her parents had moved from Texas to Colorado so that they can legally obtain the drug. She said that when the seizures worsened, they had to move to Colorado where marijuana is free to get the drug. Now a six grader, she further says that the tradition medicine was not helping at all the seizures she is suffering from and also doctors from her town had recommended a brain surgery.

In her day to day routine of seeking medical attention, one pediatrician she met gave her different opinion, medical marijuana, which now required her to move away from Texas.

Her family tried a form of marijuana which turned out to give Alexis immediate comfort of her seizures. Bortell could have a good number of seizures in one day. Therefore, after realizing that marijuana can calm down her seizures, her family had to move from Texas to Colorado to take full advantage of marijuana since its legal there.

Ever since they moved to Colorado, Alexis has lived for two and half years without the seizures. They moved to Larkspur [Colorado], and they began using Haleigh’s Hope, a strain of cannabis oil. They also use a drop of THC liquid in the morning and in the night something that has kept her seizure free for the two and half years. The young girl believes that it’s far much better than surgery doctors had suggested earlier.

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According to the lawsuit the epileptic girl will not be able to move to Texas. Lone Star State is where the young girl hopes to pursue her college studies but she risks being arrested if she will continue using marijuana to calm down her seizures.

Bortell also says that the reason she joined the lawsuit is that she would love to visit her grandparents without the risk of being caught and taken to a foster home

According to Drug Enforcement Agency, marijuana has been ranked as the schedule I narcotic putting it in the same category as LSD and ecstacy. Marijuana is viewed as more dangerous than Schedule II narcotics which includes cocaine, and methamphetamine.

Her father said that it’s neither rationale nor compassionate at all if someone is benefiting from medicine marijuana and threaten to take it away. To him that’s shocking. She farther says that when you look at it keenly it is saving his life and the lives of Americans as well.

The lawsuit certainly represents the larger continuous push for even if its marijuana is for recreational use or medicinal use

Attorney General, Jeff Sessions has opposed marijuana in all capacities even if it is for medicinal purposes, a record is well known for. The number of Americans in support of the legalization of weed clocked an all time high (64%) but still his position on marijuana has not changed. The numbers went even higher since now almost 88% of Americans believes marijuana should be legalized.

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  1. Avatar for stuart amilley stuart amilley November 18, 2017 / 12:02 pm / Reply

    29 states have already legalized medical marijuana. This law suit can bring positive results.

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