Aquaponics: A New Way of Farming Cannabis

Aquaponics : New Way Of Farming Cannabis

Aquaponics is a cultivation method that joins two compatible systems into a working symbiotic relationship. The result is such quality that these buds are fast becoming preferable over all others for weed delivery. It combines aquaculture, which is fish farming, with hydroponics, a technique for growing cannabis without any soil. It is, without doubt, the best and most sustainable system for huge buds.

What is more, you get to choose which fish you want to farm. Many different species will work, the most common of which include tilapia, koi, bluegill, and even shellfish. When you combine hydroponics with aquaculture, you end up with an almost entirely closed loop system that provides you with both fish and plants for consumption. You can choose your plants too. Vegetables also thrive.

Understanding Aquaponics

The setup for an aquaponics system is almost an exact replica of a hydroponic setup. The only real difference is that plants acquire nutrients from another source. You do not add nutrients to a water tank, as you would with hydroponics. Instead, the fish do this for you, producing waste that feeds the root systems of plants. The roots then absorb the nutrients and filter the water pure.

You only need to feed the fish really. Either you can grow your own fish food or you can buy already prepared at most stores that deal with fish. Nitrogen is the primary nutrient produced by fish waste, but other minerals exist in trace amounts too. This is why aquaponics works so well for leafy greens, but for cannabis, you will need to add some other nutrients, as well, such as potassium and phosphorus.

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Fortunately, having a double-root zone in your setup remedies this nicely. It allows you to separate the roots into two different sections, the bottom of which sits in water, and the top of which contains soil. This way, you can feed extra nutrients to the root system without compromising the water. You use burlap as a divider. Roots can grow through burlap, but soil cannot pass through.

Pros and Cons of Aquaponics

As with all cannabis cultivation methods, there are both advantages and disadvantages associated with aquaponics. A complex system requires some expertise to keep it working. For example, when watering the top root zone with extra nutrients, it is imperative that you do not saturate the soil, as this will quickly dirty the entire system. There are some others to know about too, and they include:

Advantages of Aquaponics

Added Reward

Those that run aquaponics systems with consumable fish have a food-source too. While your plants grow happily, you can also raise protein-rich fish, such as tilapia. Tilapia might take anywhere from six to nine months to grow to an edible size, but water temperature makes a huge difference to growth speed.


No weed-growing method is more sustainable than aquaponics. According to the Aquaponics Association, it uses fewer resources than any other technique. It keeps your plants and food free of toxins, produces everything fish need to be healthy, and the entire system recycles resources.

Speeds Growth

Oxygen speeds plant growth. The more oxygen the roots get, the more able they are to absorb nutrients efficiently and grow quickly. For this reason, aquaponics is an obvious choice for fast-growing plants, since the circulating water pumps more oxygen into the water and forces it through the roots.

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Saves Water

Aquaponics uses the least amount of water to grow cannabis plants. Filling up the tanks initially will require a lot of water, but according to Research Gate, because the system recirculates its water continually, it uses up to 90 percent less water than other growing systems.

Disadvantages of Aquaponics

Expensive Setup

Aquaponics setups are significantly more expensive than soil or hydroponic systems. The equipment itself is pricy, requiring pumps, tanks, pipes, and more. There are also maintenance costs associated with keeping it running smoothly at all times, and all of this costs more than what most can afford.

System Maintenance

Aquariums require frequent maintenance. Water must remain within specific temperature ranges to keep fish healthy and happy. The system will not run forever if left unchecked. Pipes block, pumps occasionally need fixing or replacing, and water must be consistently clean.  

Fungal Growth

Fungi, most notably algae, can be particularly problematic for aquaponics systems. Because the setup has its base in water, there is plenty of moisture around, sometimes too much. You need to be on constant alert for algae and other fungi-related issues. This involves cleaning and sterilizing regularly.

Antioch Weed Delivery

Although aquaponics is both effective and sustainable for cannabis farming, it requires extensive knowledge, experience, and money. No question, it will make a responsible grower out of those up to the challenge. Growing your own food and bud is immensely rewarding and worth the effort, but not everyone can undertake the commitment, mainly due to time, space, and monetary restraints.

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Fortunately, you can always rely on Antioch weed delivery. If you cannot have your own aquaponics setup, then you can still choose buds grown in one. As a cultivation method, aquaponics is the undisputed winner when it comes to increasing yields, maximizing potency, enhancing terpene profiles, and ensuring the consumers get the very best. When ordering weed delivery, insist on only aquaponics-grown quality.

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  1. Avatar for Brenton Brenton May 24, 2019 / 10:47 am / Reply

    This is very cool. Especially with the fish being involved

  2. Avatar for za za May 25, 2019 / 11:34 am / Reply

    Yes, i couldnt imagine a cooler setup to grow weed. Totally sustainable

  3. Avatar for Foster Foster May 26, 2019 / 6:32 am / Reply

    What an awesome new method for growing!!

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    That’s a great new technique to use! Cannot get any cooler

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    No way!! What an awesome technique!!

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    Amazing what technology births. Such a cool technique!

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    Good way to grow. Must produce nice quality product!

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