Are Cannabis Cafes the Next Step to Marijuana Reform ?

Cannabis Cafe

We have all seen the movie where an American travels to Amsterdam for the first time.  They get to experience the best of marijuana while sitting in a trendy café.  With a cup of coffee in one hand and a lit joint in the other, life seems simple.  However, here in the states it seems like we are far away from this utopia.  But, we may be closer than you think.

Most recently Massachusetts has taken steps to turn this cannabis dream into a reality.  Boston has set up a panel of experts known as The Cannabis Control Commission.  This panel is rounded with five marijuana experts who are trying to elevate the marijuana game in Boston.

The business they are proposing is one that will offer not only smokeable marijuana products, but edibles as well.  Unlike a dispensary, this will be a safe place for patients to partake in their favorite marijuana products.  This will help to transition marijuana from the medical to the social.  But, it is really an achievable goal?  Some skeptics don’t think so.

There are a thousand different hoops and regulations that this panel has to jump through before the café can even been considered.  Most importantly, it would have to follow strict state guidelines.  These guidelines were put in place when dispensaries starting popping up.  These regulations are very specific, especially when it comes to where businesses like this can be built.  Most notably, they need to be far away from schools and public properties like libraries and post offices.  It is the same old story of lawmakers trying to regulate marijuana under the pretense of protecting society.

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There are many things to consider when it comes to having a legal place for people to gather and enjoy cannabis together.  This has a lot to do with what kind of marijuana licensing the state already has in place.  For example, many states that have legalized marijuana still regulate where you can use the drug.  Some states don’t allow for public consumption and only allow legal card holders to partake in marijuana in the privacy of their home.  So, how would this work when it comes to a cannabis café?  Some people are still unsure.

Luckily for supporters of this movement, The Cannabis Control Commission has planned ahead for road blocks.  It all comes down to the type of licenses they file.  This panel has already begun filing the correct paperwork in order to obtain a special cannabis license.  However, it comes with its own set of restrictions.  Most importantly, the business would have to prove that half of their sales would come from the legal sale of marijuana products.  This includes consumption products like edibles and drinks.

While there isn’t a specific regulation put in place that states that marijuana cannot be used in this capacity, there is still plenty of push back.  However, The Cannabis Control Commission in Boston is more than prepared for the battle ahead of them.  .

While this may seem like a trivial move for the cannabis community, it can actually be huge.  This can open the door for many other businesses to fuse marijuana in with their business plan.  This means that certain business can combine with marijuana like cannabis friendly movie theaters, clubs and even exercise studios.  The cannabis community in Boston has found a loophole that would allow them to file for two different business licenses.  One license would be for a regular shop like a café while the other would allow for the sale of marijuana.  This is similar to the idea that started in Amsterdam by taking everyday businesses and turning them into cannabis friendly zone.

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While The Cannabis Control Commission is hopeful, they are not naïve.  They know that this is an uphill battle for them and that it certain won’t come easy.  However, this opens up the door for other states to follow suit.  This is especially true when it comes to California.  There is no secret that California is leading the way in marijuana expansion.  It is only a matter of time before we start seeing cannabis cafes popping up all over the state.  Like most new things, it only takes one to start a revolution.  There is no doubt that the movement in Boston is inspiring other places to do the same.  So, will we be seeing marijuana themes restaurants?  Only time will tell.  However, signs are looking good.

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