6 Tips for Using Weed Delivery Service in California

Weed Delivery Service in California

Taking advantage of a weed delivery service is one of the best parts of being marijuana certified.  However, some people are anxious about trying out weed delivery for the first time. Here is what you should know.

Like most things, even a weed delivery service in California comes with its own set of expectations.  However, your experience almost always depends on you. Being prepared when it comes to ordering marijuana online can save you a lot of heartaches, and even money too.  So get ready to place that big order you’ve been dreaming about. Here are the top tips for using a weed delivery service in California.

  1.   Be Prepared

The biggest luxury you have by using an online weed delivery service is time.  While going to the dispensary to get your bug lets you touch and smell the product, you can feel the rush.  This is especially true for someone who is visiting for the first time. The anxiety of picking out everything you need while people wait on you can be overwhelming.  Not to mention having to wait in lines on particularly busy days.

When ordering marijuana online, take your time.  This way you can be sure that what you’re getting is exactly what you need.  Best of all, you don’t need to feel like you are being rushed. How many times have we gone to a dispensary just to come home with a bud that we have settled for?

  1.   Do Some Research

Along with the luxury of time, you have the luxury of research.  While any capable budtender will be able to tell you what strain they think is best, nothing beats word of mouth.  By using an online weed delivery service you can take your time to research what people have to say about each strain available.  Does it make you sleepy? Can it help with pain or anxiety? These are all very important questions to ask to help ensure that you are making the right choice.  The best person to answer this question is the person who has tried the strain before you.

  1.   Save Some Money
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Most, if not all, walk in dispensaries will offer some sort of deal depending on the day you visit.  The same thing can be said for online weed delivery services in California. Some will have daily deals that you can take advantage of while others will offer coupon codes for discounts.  While Pot Valet leads the way in marijuana delivery in California, they also lead the way when it comes to sweet bud deals. They have daily coupon code deals that can offer amazing savings like 10% off your total order.  They even have a loyalty program that allows you to score deals as a regular patient. For more information about Pot Valet’s incentive program, check out  PotValet Loyalty Program.

  1.   Check Your Address

Many online weed delivery services will offer fast and reliable delivery.  Whether you get the product within an hour or overnight will be determined by where you live.  In California, not every county is open to marijuana delivery. This has everything to do with regulations put in place by that specific county and little to do with the dispensary.  So to make sure that you can take advantage of this revolutionary service, check your address first. If you find that your city does not allow for marijuana delivery, there are things you can do about it.  Join the revolution and fight for your right to marijuana delivery by writing to your representative in support of the movement.

  1.   Be Safe

Doing a web search for weed delivery will come up with a lot of junk.  There are plenty of unverified dealers online that do not have your best interests at heart.  To keep yourself safe, make sure that you are ordering through a certified online marijuana dispensary.  One of the biggest misconceptions about online weed delivery is that it is always legal. This is not the case.  Even if you yourself are certified to purchase marijuana, using a noncertified site to do so is illegal. Most importantly, it isn’t safe.  So be smart and make sure to do your research ahead of time!

  1.   Protect Your Money
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While there are weed delivery services that are not legal, there is plenty that is not even real.  This means that they will take your money but never delivery your product. Worst of all, they will also have access to your personal information like name and address.  Online marijuana scammers are everywhere. One of the best things you can do to product yourself, and your money, is to ask around. A quick web search will tell you if the certain site is reputable or not.  So take your time when deciding on which online weed delivery service you use.

Final Thoughts

Using an online weed delivery service does not have to be a scary adventure.  With the right amount of knowledge and research, you too can be a part of this amazing cannabis revolution.  Above all things, be smart. Follow your instincts and make sure that you are always using a certified marijuana service.  Your wallet and sanity will thank you for it. Good luck.

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