Benefits of Marijuana for Healthy Living

Benefits Of Marijuana For Healthy Life

States are legalizing. One by one, they are all succumbing to public demand and promise of economic emancipation. However, one forgets all about its health benefits amidst all the legal brouhaha, and its abundant reasons for consuming it are never clearer. Millions of consumers worldwide are adding cannabis to their lifestyles, and the shakedown at Big Pharma is driving a new race for research.

Healthy Properties of Cannabis

You can now walk into any of many Los Angeles dispensaries and have access to quality marijuana. Emerging evidence is outweighing any dispute governments may have with legalizing. They cannot ignore so many studies and anecdotal reports of it treating cancer and healing folks in significantly life-altering ways, and here are just some of the many ways it can boost overall healthier living:

  • Treats Pain and Inflammation

Your body is constantly producing inflammatory responses to various invaders, from the water, food, even air we live on. Diet plays a massive role in inflammation, which is the root cause of all pain, whether from injury, disease, or something else. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, anti-inflammatory properties of weed are effective for even severe arthritis, sclerosis, and other inflammatory diseases, even more than dangerous over-the-counter and prescription painkillers.

More research is underway, and although many important studies support the painkilling, anti-inflammation capabilities of cannabis, there are the millions of anecdotal reports too. Even recreational users know of its physically numbing and pain-perceiving effects. However, federal illegality is still limiting studies, but as the more states legalize, the more independent research grows.

  • Maintains Healthy Weight

Anyone who has ever visited a Santa Monica dispensary knows all about the pantry-emptying, midnight “munchies” scavenge that comes after a few buds, but on the mind popping contrary, studies prove cannabis consumers notably healthier and slimmer on average than non-users. As published in the Oxford Academic, a study from the Journal of Epidemiology in 2011 provides irrefutable support of this claim.

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Covering the recreational and medical marijuana communities in a controversial subject worth discussing, the study fast became widespread news. The implications of using cannabis as a tool for weight loss are enormous. It proved that using marijuana regularly lowers obesity rates, so much lower, that the study reported non-users 37 percent fatter than frequent users.

Although these findings fail to factor other lifestyle choices into its results, such as diet and more, another study in the American Journal of Medicine corroborates it further. It recorded cannabis users with significantly lower insulin levels than non-users, a finding with far-reaching implications. With nearly 30 million folks suffering diabetes in the United States, with another 86 million pre-diabetic, this is inconceivably promising.

  • Relaxes Body and Mind

There are many times one needs to relax, as in really relax. It is vital to our health. Stress-related diseases are leading killers. Cannabis has relaxing properties. In some strains, it can be tranquilizing. Certainly sufficient to stop epileptic seizures, muscular spasms, spasticity, and other convulsing disorders. No need for deadly sedatives, tranquilizers, even sleeping aids anymore.

Cannabis treats it all. Effectively and safely. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a famous antispasmodic and anti-seizure. In fact, the many cannabinoids in cannabis work together to treat severe issues like these, including its terpenes and flavonoids. According to the Hindawi Journal, linalool is a particularly potent anticonvulsant, a common terpene in cannabis, as well as others in its family.

  • Makes Breathing Easier

Unlike tobacco smoke, the dangers of which we all know, inhaling cannabis actually has pulmonary healing properties. It reverses the damage of cigarette inhalation, improves overall lung function, reopens the airways, and even increases lung capacity. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, this is due to the mucus-cleaning, or expectorant, and anti-inflammatory nature of weed.

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Furthermore, inhaling marijuana smoke has no harmful effect on the lungs at all, at least not in moderation. Research proves that smoking cannabis in low doses has a beneficial effect on pulmonary function in both medical and recreational users. Furthermore, many studies prove THC releasing restriction in the bronchial tubes effectively, which is extremely promising for asthma sufferers too.

  • Prevents Cancer

Cancer patients must decide between two potentially lethal treatments, either radiation or chemotherapy, both of which have horribly adverse side effects the likes of which can kill you on their own. According to Leiden University’s Department of Plant Metabolomics, marijuana is rich in the medicinally valuable cannabinoids necessary for treating cancer at its source.

Studies show most all cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids with cancer-fighting abilities. They kill cancer cells outright in laboratory tests. Studies everywhere show them preventing metastasis, or spreading, in rodents. Evidence also shows it shrinking tumors, notably too. All of their properties work synergistically to treat cancer safely, with studies into synthetics, such as Marinol, proving less effective.

Visit a Santa Monica Dispensary

With all these medicinal properties and more guaranteed in cannabis, not having it in your lifestyle could be a costly health decision. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, cannabidiol, or CBD, is non-psychoactive. If you fear the buzz associated with marijuana, then CBD products will not make you “high.” Most enjoy the sensation of cannabis, but just make it part of your lifestyle.

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    Happy to learn about the healthy benefits of Cannabis. I am a Santa Monica user and i think i love your service.

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