Best Cannabis Costumes for Halloween 2017

Cannabis Costumes for Halloween

The best way to impress your friends this Halloween is a cannabis inspired costume. Cannabis costumes can go far beyond just the typical marijuana leaf. When it comes to creativity and marijuana, the options are endless. Here are some of the best cannabis inspired costumes that you can rock this Halloween.

1. “Green” Fairy

Green Fairy Dress

We all know the tooth fairy leaves money for children who have lost their teeth, but what about adults? Imagine a cannabis-loving fairy that leaves bud under your pillow. This friendly fairy costume is easily obtainable with just a few pieces. Start out with a green basic like a body suit or a leotard and build it up from there. Partner your jumpsuit with some tights and a green tulle skirt. After adding in some wings and whimsical leave accents, the real creativity can begin. Give yourself a pouch or even a fun tool belt fully stocked with rolling papers, matches and some primo cannabis flower.

2. Cannabis Scout

cannabis scout dress

The Girl and Boy Scouts are child’s play compared to these cannabis friendly scouts. The best part about this costume is that you can customize it for boys and girls. Pair a green skirt or slacks with a tan shirt. From there all you need to do is make a sash or vest. Scour local head shops to find cannabis friendly patches and buttons. From there simple decorate your sash with all the local kind bud merchandise. For extra points, carry around some cannabis cookies to pass out to your friends.

3. Marijuana Farmer

Marijuana Farmer DRess

Support your local weed farmer by paying homage to their hard work. The idea behind this cannabis inspired Halloween costume is simple. Stick with typical farmer garments like denim overalls and a straw hat. Tie in the cannabis theme by pairing your overalls with a tie dye or marijuana leaf shirt. For extra measure, grab a bunch of plastic greenery from your local craft store. You can carry around the “bud” in a wicker basket so that people will get the idea clearly.

4. Super Bud

Super Bud Dress

Is it a bird or a plane? Nope, it’s Super Bud, everyone’s favorite green hero. This cannabis inspired costume is perfect for the comic book nerd in everyone. Start with a simple black bodysuit and add a marijuana leaf symbol right on the front of the chest. Pair it with green undergarments and some combat boots. Don’t forget to pick up a bright green cape too. Don’t be afraid to get as creative as you want with this one. Super Bud is well on its way to becoming your friend’s new favorite superhero.

5. Rolling Paper Knight

Rolling Paper Knight Dress

Nothing can ruin the party vibe more than running out of rolling papers. Luckily for you, this costume is not only impressive but also serves a greater function. You can create “armor” out of old cardboard boxes to suit yourself up like a knight. Build the cardboard up around your chest piece. At the center of your chest, incorporate a fully functioning tissue box. When placed properly, the tissue box will resemble a rolling paper package. Make sure to attach rolling paper sleeves in your armor so that you will always keep the paper going.

6. Cannabis Couple

couple cannabis costume

Finding the best cannabis inspired couples costume no longer has to be a chore. This stoned duo is sure to display your love for the green. Use heavy-duty plastic wrap that you can find in craft stores to create a bag shape. Make sure to feature leg, head, and arm holes so that you can easily slide in and out. Wear all black so that the focus is put mainly on the “bag”. From there, fill the plastic up with shredded green. You can either use plastic plants or even lawn trimmings. At the end, you will resemble a baggie of the good green Kush.
For your partner, have them fashion a joint costume. Nothing makes a better pairing than some ground up cannabis and a joint. You can do this by either using strong white fabric to wrap yourself up in. You can also use poster board to get the same effect. Make sure to save a little bit of the plastic greenery. Place the shrubbery coming from both ends of your “joint”.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to displaying your love for cannabis, nothing beats Halloween. This is the best time to showcase some ingenuity while also sending a message. Just remember to be creative. This is the best way to create something truly original that will impress your friends.

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