Best Immediate Marijuana Delivery Services in California

Marijuana Delivery Services In California

Regardless of whether you use weed for medicinal relief or for recreational reasons, marijuana delivery services are widely available across California, even if quasi-legally for a time. It began for patients after 1996, specifically those immobile or otherwise too ill to collect weed themselves from a dispensary. But really, all medical patients took advantage of it and happily too.

The success of medical pot delivery is no surprise, and neither is it for the recreational industry. Many for most commodities already favor online shopping, and this trend will only grow. Cannabis is no exception. In fact, weed delivery is now the most popular method of acquisition and lawmakers cannot stop the momentum. Regulate it they will, but you still need some common sense to protect yourself.

Not all online delivery services are legitimate. Many are unlicensed, unaccountable, and indeed untraceable. Fraud is rife. Personal details at risk. Quality is dodgy, the likelihood of contaminants high. You could pay for the top shelf and receive the worst quality imaginable, if you even receive anything at all, and have absolutely no avenue for recourse at your disposal.

Having said that, marijuana delivery is still the best way to get weed, provided you do your research first. You want a service that guarantees quality, accountability, and discretion. You want it contactable, willing to refund or exchange its customers where necessary. Fortunately, we have taken the time to do your homework for you, and without further ado, here are the best of the best of them:

Pot Valet

Pot Valet offers an exceptional marijuana delivery service. It caters to all of California, consistently expanding its network. The company collaborates exclusively with trusted, licensed suppliers of quality cannabis products, and it prioritizes locally grown buds and their extracts. Pot Valet offers the largest menu in California, and it promises to deliver in 45 minutes or less to most areas.

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Goddess Delivers

Goddess Delivers is another fantastic service to order weed from home. It serves most areas in California, and will even deliver overnight to far-flung places. It offers a decent selection of products to choose from, and it has a large following of faithful customers. As with other reputable delivery services, Goddess Delivers teams with only the most trusted suppliers.

Ganja Runner

If you are looking for a large menu of fine weed, then Ganja Runner has it for you. This company runs ganja across California, and it does so legally. New customers enjoy a welcome gift, and they can find an array of discounts and promotions to help save money. Ganja Runner only delivers products grown and manufactured by licensed local suppliers.

Harvest Delivers

Harvest Delivers has a famous reputation for providing exceptional customer service across the Golden State. If you live in certain areas, you qualify for immediate marijuana delivery, but if you live further afield, then you might receive your package the next day. The company runs a simple operation that works incredibly well, with online reviews showing a bevy of highly satisfied consumers.

Blue Bird Delivery

Blue Bird Delivery caters to the San Diego and Orange County areas, and if you live there, you will get your stash in under 30 minutes. Famous for its speed and quality, this company has a continuously changing menu of discounts, offers, and other price slashers. If you do not live in these areas, the company may still ship to you overnight.

Carpe Diem Gardens

Carpe Diem Gardens only delivers to Oceanside, Fallbrook, Vista, and Carlsbad. It does not deliver statewide. However, this company makes the list for its extremely competitive pricing, the high quality of its products, its wide selection of choice, and its use of trusted and credible suppliers. Carpe Diem Gardens is a very popular service, but its range limit disadvantages most of California.

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World Wide Weed

World Wide Weed also services specific areas exclusively, and for some of these areas, you might even need to sign up for its “premium membership.” However, despite this, it is still one of the best delivery services to use if you live in the area. The company delivers at any hour of the day and night, so it is always open, and its “premium membership” includes access to cash-saving bargains and promotions.

Air Budz

Serving only selected areas in California, being Los Angeles and Coachella Valley, Air Budz offers an elite marijuana delivery service to the rich and famous. The company is speedy, helpful, friendly, and only partners with the crème de la crème of suppliers, those that test their products, guarantee the quality and comply with industry and safety laws.

CBD Safe

If you are looking for cannabidiol, or CBD, extracts, then CBD Safe should be your delivery company of choice. There are buds, isolates, full-spectrum concentrates, and even edibles available, all infused with the highest quality CBD, and all tested to prove this claim. The company only associates with suppliers who focus on quality and medicinal benefit, so you can rest assured you get only the very best.


If you live in Los Angeles, then HERB offers a small-scale delivery service that oozes quality and care for consumers. Famed for its hospitality toward new clients and incentives for loyal ones, this company prides itself on providing only the best service. Its menu is superb, the quality of products and suppliers guaranteed. HERB delivers within the hour anywhere in Los Angeles.

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Although Greenly only caters to the Los Angeles area, it is incredibly popular. The company has long been offering a handy GPS app that allows you to track your order as it makes its journey to you. It sends notifications of departure and arrival times, and you can even watch your package move on its famous GPS tracking screen. Greenly is fast, discreet, and highly trusted, credible, and reputable.

With so many companies offering marijuana delivery services in California, finding a good one can be challenging. If this list of the best does not appeal to you, there are other licensed and legitimate ones too. You only need to do some research to protect yourself from online fraud and identity theft. Check reviews, look for licensing credentials, scrutinize suppliers, and insist on guarantees.

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