Best Storage Practices for Marijuana in Santa Monica


Because marijuana is organic, it will degrade over time, particularly if exposed to the elements, and the elements in California can be a mite extreme. If you order marijuana delivery Santa Monica and surrounds, then you want to avoid mold and similar fates for your likely pricey stash. Storing cannabis properly is vital. As organic matter, it decomposes with exposure to light, heat, and damp.

You can prevent this from happening for as long as you store it correctly. In fact, marijuana is much like wine: If you store it right, you are essentially lengthening the curing process, so it will actually get more potent and tasty with time. Consider investing in a few storage jars. Glass works best, but you can search online for other storage containers too. Here are some storage tips for Weed Delivery Santa Monica:

  • Keep It Dark

All cannabis storage must occur in the dark. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, light will quickly degrade your stash. Choose a place where very little light can get to it, preferably none. Think kitchen cupboards, better yet, closets and drawers that you seldom, if ever, open. If you do not have a suitable place, then consider buying a proper storage box for your jars that keeps the light out.

  • Keep It Dry

If there is moisture in your weed when you store it, mold will grow and destroy it. Make sure you dry it properly before putting marijuana in storage. If you order marijuana delivery in Santa Monica from a reputable supplier, then it should already be sufficiently dry. Check it, though. If you can feel damp, leave it out to dry a bit longer. Additionally, store it in a dry place free of damp and mold.

  • Keep It Airtight

Do not let any oxygen near your weed. According to the National Institutes of Health, oxygen triggers decomposition. This is why glass works so well for storing cannabis, since no air can get inside if you vacuum seal it correctly. Anything you put in glass will stay fresh for a very long time. Invest in quality glass jars with airtight lids. They may cost a penny, but it is a penny well worth it.

  • Keep It Cool

Warmth can denature trichomes, stimulate bacterial growth, and severely reduce quality. Keep your stash away from any heat. This includes fireplaces, heaters, cupboards above stoves, even sunlight. The cooler your storage space, the longer your weed will last. Store it in a drawer, closet or cabinet, preferably not in the kitchen or bathroom.

  • Keep It Large

Do not break your buds down when storing them. Keep your flowers as big as possible. Breaking them into smaller pieces will accelerate decomposition and destroy precious THC crystals. The bigger the buds, the better they will store, and for a much longer time. Many people make the mistake of breaking their buds to make space, but it will cost you in the long-term.

  • Keep It Untouched

Do not handle your weed at all during storage. You will damage trichomes and lose THC and cannabinoids. Leave your stash untouched until you are ready to use it. You will lose much of the goodness of your flowers when you finger them, since the resin will rub off on your hands. You do not want this, so as tempting as it may be to take a bud out for inspection now and then, do not do it.

  • Keep It Burped

It is crucial that you “burp” marijuana during storing. Since you are effectively curing it, this practice is unavoidable. During the initial stages of curing, cultivators do this daily. During storage, however, you only need burp it once a month. Open the jar for 10 minutes to let old air out, then close it again and put it back in a different position when done.

  • Keep It Unfrozen

Freezing works if you are storing cannabis for years, but almost nobody stores stash for that long. Unless you are, avoid stashing your stash in the freezer. Defrosting reduces quality significantly, creates damp, and destroys buds rapidly. If kept cool, it will stay fresh for at least two years, even longer if you do it right. There is just no need to freeze fresh weed.

  • Keep It Hidden

Although the legalization movement is sweeping across towns and cities, you should still be discreet about your little pot habit. Hide your stash from prying eyes, and do not advertise that you have any stored somewhere. Being loudmouth about how much weed you have lying about will just increase the risk of theft, and it could attract legal trouble if you are storing more than you should be.

  • Keep It Safe

Always store cannabis in a safe place. Do not put it where something or someone can knock it over, such as a powerful wind gust or your curious feline friend. Store glass jars where they cannot fall over and shatter, leaving glass shards everywhere and scattering your stash all over the place, where it will attract dust, animal hair, and other debris that, if bad enough, could render your entire stash unusable.

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Final Thoughts

Although storing weed properly may sound complicated, it is actually very easy. Keep it dry, cool, and airtight in a safe, discreet place. Burp it once a month, and do not handle it unless you have to. If you follow these tips, then you can store your weed for upwards of two years, all the while just leaving it to get more pungent and potent, just the way you want it to.

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