Best Storage Tips for Keeping Marijuana Fresh

Tips For Keeping Marijuana Fresh

As an organic material, marijuana degrades quickly if left to the elements. Even if not, it still degrades over time. Fortunately, if you store it correctly, you can preserve its freshness for months, if not years. California endures some of the harshest climates in the country. You certainly do not want your pricy stash getting moldy or otherwise ruined. Proper storage is vital. You want to avoid damp, heat, and light.Fortunately, this is easily achievable. You can keep your marijuana fresh for as long as you store it the right way.

In fact, cannabis is like a fine wine: Storing it properly will lengthen the curing process and make your pot tastier and more potent. Invest in some quality storage jars, preferably glass. It just works best, but there are other storage ideas online too. Whatever you choose, just remember the following tips:

  • Avoid Light

Light can degrade cannabis very quickly, as the U.S. National Library of Medicine explains. You should store it in a dark place away from light. Choose the darkest cupboard you can find, wrap it clothes if you must to keep light out. Consider a closet or drawer, even kitchen cupboard, that you rarely open, if ever. If such a place does not exist in your home, then storage boxes are available that are suitable for the job.

  • Avoid Damp

Damp will invite mold to attack your stash with abandon. Ensure your weed is dry before putting it in a storage jar, and then store it in a dry place too, one completely free of mold and damp. If you purchase your stash from a trusted dispensary that prioritizes quality, you are unlikely to end up with wet weed. You should still check it first, however. If it feels damp, leave it to dry a bit before placing it in storage.

  • Avoid Air

If oxygen finds its way into your stash, then according to the National Institutes of Health, it will trigger the decomposition process. This is the reason why glass is so effective for storing marijuana since a good vacuum seal will stop any air getting inside. Whatever you store in a glass will stay fresh for eons, so invest in a glass of quality, and ensure it comes with an airtight lid, even if it costs a tidy sum.

  • Avoid Heat

Trichomes, those sticky globules of resin found on buds, quickly denature in heat. Warmth also destroys quality and encourages the growth of bacteria, so avoid heat at all costs. Whichever cupboard, drawer, or closet you store your stash in, make sure it is nowhere near heaters, fireplaces, stoves, hot water, or sunny areas. If you keep it cool, your weed will last much, much longer.

  • Avoid Breaking Buds Up

Keep buds intact during storage. Do not break them up before you actually use them. The bigger the flowers, the more they stay fresh and the better they store. If you break your buds into smaller pieces, usually to fit them into storage jars, it accelerates decomposition, destroys trichomes, and decreases potency. Do not do this. You will pay in a lost stash.

  • Avoid Touching It

While your weed is in storage, it is essential that you do not handle it at all. Touching buds loseTHC and cannabinoids to your hands, and it damages trichomes in the process. Rather leave it alone until you need it. Fingering them will only cause you to lose all the goodness in your buds, since the resin will stick to your hands. If you feel the urge to inspect your buds, ignore it.

  • Avoid Not Burping It

“Burping” cannabis during storage is part of curing it. This step is essential, unavoidable. Since storage itself is effectively curing your weed, you want to do it properly. Cultivators “burp” cannabis daily in the initial curing stage, but by the time you get it from a dispensary, you only need “burp” it on a monthly basis, just enough to let the old air escape, about 10 minutes. Close it immediately after and put it back.

  • Avoid Freezing It

If you are storing marijuana for a very long time, like years, then it is okay to freeze it. However, who stores weed that long? Near nobody. Unless your storage plans involve years, rather keep it unfrozen. Defrosting cannabis destroys its quality, as well as creates a damp environment that rapidly destroys buds. Just keep it cool. It should last two years at least, perhaps longer if you do it correctly.

  • Avoid Leaving It Out

Despite cannabis being legal in California and a growing number of states, it is still wise to be discreet about it, especially if you are growing your own and storing it in your house. Keep your stash well hidden from any eyes. You do not want to advertise your activities to all and sundry. It could still get you into trouble, and it will certainly increase any potential risk of somebody else stealing it.

  • Avoid Unsafe Places

You must store weed in a safe spot, somewhere nobody can get to it. Avoid putting it where something, be it a friend, pet, or gust of wind, can knock it over and break it. It is vital that glass jars do not fall over, scattering your stash all over the place and leaving dangerous glass shards to cut your feet on. If your weed ends up on the floor, dust, pet hair, and other debris could render it unusable.

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Despite sounding complicated, storing weed properly is actually easy enough to do. Just remember to keep it cool, dry, and airtight in a dark, safe, discreet part of your home. Once a month, give it a “burp” and avoid touching it unless you absolutely have to. If you keep these storage tips in mind, your weed can last years, while slowly getting even more potent and pleasing to the palate by the day.

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  1. Avatar for Zac Zac February 19, 2019 / 4:08 pm / Reply

    No way! This is awesome. Yes, i follow the guidelines for sure

  2. Avatar for Michael Michael February 20, 2019 / 5:23 pm / Reply

    100% Great steps! Thats the way to keep the herb dank and fresh

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