Better days are coming: Cause Cannabis Workers get Support from Labor Unions

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One of the biggest labor unions in the United States, the United Food and Commercial Workers union is now compelling California to draft laws to safeguard the interests of cannabis workers. This is part of the moves made by several other organizations to enable users to buy marijuana from a well organized industry. In 1996, California voted in the use of medical marijuana and continued changes have seen more access to marijuana for sale online to this date. Today, the United Food and Commercial Workers union continues to positively impact the cannabis industry. The union was part of the bodies that pushed for weed legalization and made recommendations for further reforms. Proposition 64, which demands for the strictest packaging, labeling and testing of cannabis got huge support. It was finally passed during the 2016 elections. The provisions of Proposition 64 also touched on medical marijuana and the weed patients are happy with it knowing that they can still buy marijuana without much hassle.

The labor union’s work is highly commendable so far. Still in the marijuana industry, the union was able to organize California pot employees in 2010. It was the first organization to take this bold step. From records, it has about 1200 duly registered members across San Francisco and Los Angeles. If weed users will be able to afford to buy marijuana without experiencing hikes in price, that will be a great achievement for the union. It all starts with taking care of the employees’ welfare. Still on the same efforts, regulators will give out growers’ licenses come 2018 under the new directives. All the cannabis workers in the state will get the same cover. The Occupational Health and Safety Division of California can enact legal protections for the cannabis industry. However, this can only be possible following the receipt of public views that should be submitted by end of November 30, 2016.

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With the current pace of marijuana legalization throughout the United States, the United Food and Commercial Workers union says that there won’t be many protections for weed workers. However, marijuana delivery services hiring individuals that can legitimately smoke weed for medical reasons should also be ready for the pending legal developments. Just like in the past, employers should be able to address the risks of safety and possible impairment amongst workers in their premises. This is particularly for the company drivers and employees working with heavy machinery. Normal drug testing procedures are still in force. However, as laws change concerning the legitimate nature of the drug, policies could be adjusted to reflect the growing decriminalization.

 What this Means for the Cannabis Industry
Things are slowly taking shape in the marijuana industry. While the focus by the labor union is on the safety of the workers, the same effect will trickle down to positively impact on those who buy marijuana for whatever reason with respect to their regions. Improved working conditions and motivation for workers will translate to improved quality on cannabis products. That is why the labor union has continued to organize pot workers in California. There are a lot of benefits that will come through training on safety and health. Now that the marijuana industry is becoming a fully legalized business in California, normal business practices must be allowed to take course. No customer would want to engage a weed service that is not fully compliant or get help from uninformed workers. Therefore, the action taken by the labor union is bringing together all stakeholders take a holistic approach towards cannabis business.

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The need to put order in marijuana industry cannot be over emphasized. Legal businesses need to be protected from those operating the black market. The strict laws provided through Proposition 64 must be implemented in full force and protect all workers and customers who want to buy legal marijuana. Marijuana delivery services are therefore called upon to respond in a timely manner and embrace the change that is coming through the state laws and regulations. Presently, the labor practices in the marijuana industry have not been followed to the latter. The United Food and Commercial Workers union hopes that things will change for the better.

The call for streamlining marijuana businesses in California will go a long way in promoting the industry in the end. The push by this labor union is just a sign that times for marijuana are changing.  Under the new legislation, regulators will start to issue licenses to cultivators in 2018. All protections for the workers in California will also apply. Adjustments will also be made to protect those working as bud trimmers and the pot workers in general. By enacting regulations particularly for the cannabis industry, the marijuana delivery will be greatly enhanced. It is a win-win situation for all interested parties including the business owners. If there is no motivation for workers and good regulation in the industry, the businesses may fail to achieve their objectives.

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  1. Avatar for dominic tarabochia dominic tarabochia December 4, 2016 / 9:02 pm / Reply

    Thats really great news. Just we have to reach a settlement for this Marijuana legalization issue.

  2. Avatar for kadrito oming kadrito oming December 4, 2016 / 10:41 pm / Reply

    Step by step we are forwarding to our desired legalization. Very good approach by the authority.

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