Budtenders are in High Demand as Weed Delivery is Trending in Los Angeles

Budtenders are in High Demand as Weed Delivery is Trending in Los Angeles

Budtenders are in High Demand as Weed Delivery is Trending in Los Angeles

While weed delivery is on the rise in California, one more trend is grabbing people’s attention.  Special cannabis “mixologists” or “budtenders” have become a lucrative career for many marijuana enthusiasts.  But, how does it work?

Making a living in cannabis business now integrates the job scope of budtenders  into the market.  Weed delivery is a trend that is on the increase in California. This effects the creation of new job opportunities for pot enthusiasts.  But while budtenders are a natural choice for dispensary owners, finding qualified candidates for the position is not  easy. In this post, we will be expounding on everything you need to know about this relatively new job niche. If you are considering a career in the marijuana industry, working as a budtender may just be the fun new career choice.

Who are the Budtenders?

Budtenders are your local experts when it comes to all things cannabis.  They are medical or recreational dispensary workers who are very knowledgeable about a wide variety of marijuana products quotations. They provide customers with information about  strains, to enable them make product choices that best suit their medical and recreational needs.  Most importantly, they will be very familiar with the products the dispensary they work in have in stock.

This helps you to take the guesswork out of purchasing your marijuana products, whether you go into a dispensary or get your product through weed delivery.  While this may seem like an unnecessary position to fill, it is a vital part of the cannabis movement.

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 Why is there a need for Budtenders?

If you visit dispensaries often, you will notice that products that are sales of cannabis products are growing more each day.  This is because, especially in Los Angeles, marijuana sales are on the rise.  In order to keep up with the growing demand, dispensaries have to keep their shelves stocked.  This also helps each dispensary to be able to compete with other local dispensaries.

Like any booming industry, marijuana dispensaries must always stay competitive so as to be able to fulfill their long term business goals.  While offering weed delivery helps most businesses compete, having a well trained budtender seems to be the part of the market that everyone wants to corner.  Unfortunately, when it comes to supply and demand, qualified budtenders seem to be few and far between.

 How to become a Budtender

It may surprise you that to qualify for the job, you may need  certification. This is because a budtender needs to have extensive knowledge on a wide range of marijuana strains.  There is plenty of budtender certification programs offered all throughout Los Angeles.  There even is an entire on line university dedicated to the skills of serving cannabis.  Cannabis Training University may seem like a satirical institution, but it was made for people specifically looking to get a job in the cannabis field.  Whether you want to work directly with patients as a budtender or want to be a part of weed delivery, they offer it.

Through this program, students learn the inside outs of the marijuana industry including products and correct dosages.  Aspiring budtenders also get extensive training in customer service.  This is perhaps the most vital part of being a successful budtender.  Many patients have sensitive information about their health and are in need of real help. Budtenders are saddled with the responsibility of satisfying their purchase needs. Budtenders will have the certification to treat each case sensitively. They will also have to know what products will help treat their particular health condition.

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Budtender shortage

Budtenders are in high demand. If you do a regular search for local budtender jobs at a dispensary or through weed delivery, you will quickly notice the trend. Many people attribute the shortage of budtenders to the ever growing cannabis movement. That is an already  established fact, especially in Los Angeles which seems to be the home base for the marijuana movement.  However, the shortage problem is not limited to the Golden State.  There are budtender shortages all over the country. The situation is much worse in Washington and Colorado.

Many dispensaries and weed delivery services are now offering in house budtender training that has incentive packages that can compete with large companies.  They hope that by offering potential employees some benefits that industry professionals enjoy, the job of budtender can be a competitive career.  Why not?  Not long ago, bartending was seen as a dead end job.  Now there are bartenders with special skill sets that they do much more than pull beer from a tap.  When it comes to making a career off of budtending or weed delivery, the options are endless.  Budtenders are in such high demand that employers even offer them a starting salary as high as $30 per hour.  This is sure to motivate people.

Final Thoughts

Like most things that are new and exciting, it only takes word of mouth to get the news around.  Once cannabis lovers hear that they can actually have a successful career in the marijuana industry, there is sure to be more people on board.  Whether they want to work directly in a dispensary or take part in the trendier weed delivery services, the options are endless.  Good luck.

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