Advantages of Buying Cannabis Seeds from Online Dispensaries

Cannabis Seeds

Popping down to your local marijuana retail shop may be all the rage but there can be no doubt that if you want to buy cannabis seeds then doing so from an online dispensary is far more advantageous.

Not only will it save you time and money, it also opens the door to a far larger range of product that you know will be safe to consume because online cannabis dispensaries only sell certified weed.

A Word of Warning

But here we must issue a word of warning!

Do not source your cannabis seeds from social media sites or from individuals advertising in online magazines or other weed-related platforms. Nine times out of 10 you’ll end up getting burnt. These individuals remain faceless and nameless because they usually change their email addresses after each transaction. Once they have received your payment they simply vanish into thin air. And don’t forget another worrying aspect – your privacy has been invaded as they now have access to your personal information. A very uncomfortable thought, indeed.

Another worrying aspect is how your seeds if actually sent by these individuals, will be delivered. Remember, because marijuana is still regarded as an illegal substance by the Federal Government, using the US Postal Service is a big no-no because it is federally-controlled.

The pros of buying online

There are numerous reasons why buying cannabis online is the way to go.

  1.    Discretion and Privacy

Dealing with an online cannabis outlet is discreet and private. They never release your personal information – like name and address – to third parties and their deliveries to your doorstep are discreet.

  1.    Money-Saving Deals
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Online cannabis dispensaries are able to stock a far wider range of marijuana-related products because they have a much larger customer base than corner-shop outlets. Because they are able to buy in bulk from growers and manufacturers, they obtain stock at better prices and often pass on these savings to their customers. They are also in a better position to pass on savings to consumers because their overheads are much lower than retail outlets that have to appoint a niche workforce, including bud-tenders and security guards. Also, online dispensaries don’t have to worry about equipping their premises with expensive fixtures and fittings. Another sweet deal is that many reputable online dispensaries offer free cannabis delivery services, sometimes dependent on a stipulated minimum spend.

  1.    Take Your Time

Buying cannabis online is a far more pleasurable experience than visiting retail outlets because you are not rushed to make a purchase if the store is busy. The other great advantage is that you can visit several dispensaries online and compare product and prices before placing your order. When buying cannabis seeds, their online platforms are packed with valuable information about planting and germination. Shopping online helps you to thoroughly research your information that will help you to grow your own weed successfully.

  1.    Talk about Convenience!

Unless you are able to stroll down to a retail outlet, shopping for cannabis online saves you a ton of time and money. No gas overheads, no parking frustrations, no being rushed to buy without time to browse. And what a boon for those people who cannot drive a vehicle, or who are simply too scared to face people because of their anxiety disorders. Online cannabis delivery services can be arranged for the same day or overnight.

  1. Catalogs Help You Choose
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Product catalogs offered by online dispensaries help you to choose the right product for your needs. Apart from the convenience of being able to browse through all the information in your own time, these catalogs provide valuable information such as the levels of THC and CBD contained in the different seeds and strains, as well as recommended dosages, side-effects, and what is best to treat different ailments and disorders.


While we are not suggesting for one minute that you don’t support local retail outlets which provide a much-needed community service, we have written this article to point out the many advantages of buying your cannabis seeds and related products from online dispensaries. So why don’t you give it a try? Sit back, relax, browse, educate yourself and make that purchase from a reputable online dispensary that you know will deliver a certified product that is safe for you to consume.

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  1. Avatar for Mark T. Mark T. April 27, 2018 / 9:03 am / Reply

    catalogs offered by online dispensaries help us to choose the right product and products reviews also help us.

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