Top Tips for Buying Marijuana in Monterey

Buy Marijuana in Monterey

If you live in Monterey,  marijuana may be a mite scarce. The town recently decided to declare a six-month moratorium on allowing pot shops in the area, which they may even extend to a year, or until it decides whether it wants them there or not. There are no dispensaries for marijuana in Monterey, so you cannot get it legally in town. However, if you are older than 21-years of age, you can still get it online.

Monterey Marijuana Laws

California legalized cannabis for recreational use on January 1 this year. All legal adults can now grow up to six mature plants at home, have some in their possession, and use it free anywhere in the state. However, despite it being legal, towns and counties maintain the right to decide for themselves if they will allow marijuana businesses in their jurisdictions, and they can draft their own regulations for it.

Monterey is still deciding if it will allow cultivation and sales in its area or if it will ban such activities outright. Until it makes its final decision, and despite majority interest, no pot businesses are currently operating in town. California permits you to use marijuana in Monterey, but Monterey itself will not allow you to buy it there. You will have to go somewhere else or use the Internet to get your hands on it.

How to Buy Marijuana Online

More and more people are buying marijuana online than ever before. It is perfectly safe to do so, with notably more advantages, provided you know what you are doing. Not all websites are licensed. Many are illegal and happy to steal your money, sell you inferior quality weed, or otherwise swindle you. You do not need to be a victim. Simply follow these top tips if you are purchasing weed online:


Ask Your Friends

If you have weed-loving friends, ask them where they get their stash. If they purchase online, they will not recommend a website that does not deliver. You can also search the Internet for marijuana delivery services in California and look for customer reviews for each of them. Always listen to what other people say. If most of the feedback is positive, then you will likely be happy too. If bad, then continue searching.

Check the Products

A reputable online marijuana in Monterey will have a large selection of products. Delivery companies collaborate with several retailers to provide access to all of their offerings. There is more to choose from online than there ever will be in-store, so the wider the product catalog, the higher the chance the website is legitimate. If you only see a handful of items, then that should serve as a warning.

Search for Licenses

It is illegal to operate any cannabis business without a license in California. A legitimate company will have a license to deliver weed. If the business is unlicensed, then so are its products and there is no guarantee that you will get quality, or even get anything at all. Licensed delivery services want to keep their licenses. They will not risk sending inferior quality, stealing from you, or otherwise swindling you.

Scrutinize Product Pages

To ensure consumers buy only the highest quality marijuana, California mandates that all pot products undergo laboratory testing. Check each product before purchasing. You want to see the laboratory results there, such as its THC level, CBD content, terpene profile, and related information. Untested products have no quality guarantee and the company is not complying with lawful regulations.

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Read the Website

A marijuana company that delivers on its promises will be as helpful to its clients as possible. It will provide extensive information about all the different strains and products it offers, as well as guides to choose the best ones for you. You should be able to learn everything you need to know just from its website, and if you still have any questions, there should be experts available to answer them.

Contact the Website

A business that cares about its reputation and services will be easily contactable. Make sure there are options to contact somebody all over the website and then test it. Get in touch with the delivery company and even its suppliers. Make up a list of questions for them. If they take too long to respond, look elsewhere. If they reply timeously with the information you want, then that is a very good sign.


Purchasing online is the only legal way to get marijuana in Monterey. There is, of course, the local street dealer, but remember that he or she will not be able to guarantee quality the way a laboratory can and,  as such, buying from him or her is against the law. It has never been easier to order marijuana online than now, as long as you remember to do your homework beforehand.




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