California Company Invents Alcohol - Free Weed-Infused Wine

Alcohol-Free Weed-Infused Wine

Almost every individual that drinks alcohol will admit that the worst part of it, especially after having taken a lot of drinks, is hangover. While the simplest solution for hangover is taking only a few drinks, not many people can effectively set and stick to a drinking limit. Fortunately, one California Company, “Rebel Coast Winery” has found a solution. It is time you say bye to the banging headache that follows drinking!

You may wonder why we pay such great attention to this specific drink yet we already have other weed-infused consumables including weed-infused alcoholic drinks, hemp milk with CBD oil, weed-infused coffee pods, frozen pizzas sprinkled with marijuana, and cannabis-infused pumpkin spice chocolate.

The first problem with such products is the consumers rely on cannabis delivery companies to get them shipped, as they cannot be found in unlicensed stores. Secondly, weed-infused alcoholic drinks can’t actually get someone high due to the mix of alcohol but cause hangover. This new weed-based drink will get a person high quickly with no hangover, kudos! It is a truly innovative product that stands out from the rest.

The company has invented an alcohol-free weed-fused wine, and this is not your typical weed-fused drink. They extract THC, the active component in marijuana, and in a complex process infuse it with wine to create a smooth tasty drink that will get someone high in just 15 minutes.

Unlike other cannabis-infused drinks, they first extract alcohol from the drink before infusing with THC. This is the first drink of this type in the world.

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The cannabis sauvignon will be put on the shelves come Jan. 1 when recreational use of marijuana by adults in California becomes legal, you won’t necessarily have to involve cannabis delivery companies to get your product shipped as they will be available in places that sell tobacco and alcoholic drinks.

The Cosmopolitan reports that each bottle contains 16 milligrams of pure THC, which will make someone high in just a matter of minutes. It is recommended that a person consumes only 4 milligrams per serving. The law allows a maximum of 10 milligrams per serving, so the recommended dosage is legally safe.

The inventors were motivated by the fact that while Proposition 64 (which made recreational use of marijuana legal) comes into full force on January 1, it will only make the Schedule 1 drug (cannabis) legal, not meant to be sold alongside alcohol or tobacco. So they got creative and saved the day.

To come up with the product was not a walk in the park; they went through several trial-and-error experiments as no one has ever tried making alcohol free, THC-infused wine. Eventually, their effort and perseverance paid off and now we have this wonderful drink.

How they make it

Rebel Coast Winery sources its grapes from Sonoma County, CA and ferments them as if they are making normal wine. They then remove the alcohol and infuse each of the bottles with terpes (the oils in cannabis that give it a unique smell) and THC, to give the wine the typical aroma.

Another advantage with this drink is it relieves you of having to smoke marijuana, which not only is harmful to the lungs but also does not leave the consumer with the distinctive smell of a stoner. This is good news to the weed users who like to get high without attracting other people’s attention. You may no longer need the services of marijuana dispensaries to get high on weed, as the drink will be available in tobacco and liquor joints.

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What it tastes like

The winery says they will add citrus fruit flavors, which combined with wine’s crispy taste won’t taste strongly of weed.

What you need to know

A bottle will cost $59.99, which on average is more expensive than most of the normal alcoholic drinks, but is worth it.

Reliable sources reveal that later in 2018, the company is finalizing plans for production of a weed-infused rose and sparkling wine drink with similar qualities.

They also plan on introducing CBD-infused wines for medicinal use that does not get patients high.

Red Coast Winery plans on being stocked in at least 500 California marijuana dispensaries. They are also planning an entry strategy into other states that have legalized weed.

This is a good move as studies have shown that weed is 144 times less friendly than alcohol, the most consumed drug.


While many individuals are skeptical about benefits of legalizing marijuana, it appears the move will bring more benefits than harm. Companies are investing heavily in the cannabis industry to come up innovative solutions that will generate more revenue. The latest innovation is the alcohol-free weed-infused wine that will be officially available in the California market on January 1. This is only the start of the innovation process, and we expect to see more developments in the marijuana industry starting 2018.

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  1. Avatar for kate kelin kate kelin December 23, 2017 / 11:09 am / Reply

    The latest innovation is the alcohol-free weed-infused wine that will be the interesting revolution in the sector.

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