California Flower Town Struggles with Shift to Weed

California Flower

In Carpinteria, the picturesque town is offering residents and visitors alike more than just fresh ocean breeze and fresh flowers. Residents have been complaining about the smell of weed too. Recreational weed delivery and other business has been on the rise since Proposition 64, however the proposition still gives individual cities and counties the right to decide how to implement the specifics of the proposition.

Carpinteria, famous for its scenic landscape comprised of sandy coastlines and mountains, has long been known for its thriving cut flower trade. This lends itself to what meany are calling a picturesque town that offers a tranquil and peaceful setting, complete with the perfect environment, fresh ocean smell and freshly cut flowers. It is no wonder that the increased interest in the cultivating marijuana trade that has spurred businesses such as weed delivery in Carpinteria has caused concern for long time residents of the city.

Residents have been complaining about the smell of marijuana for months already, and this seems to have paid off. Because the marijuana industry, complete with weed delivery in Carpinteria and cultivations, is relatively new; regulations to control the legal substance still needs to be implemented. This takes time.

Although residents were quick to complain about the possibility of Carpinteria becoming a cannabis cultivation him, they have also said that the smell has decreased in the past few months. This is due to some regulations involving the cultivation of the plant to have already been implemented by some farmers.

Cultivators have begun to install systems that reduce the aroma of growing marijuana and seem eager to comply with regulations. Before Carpinteria even implemented the voter approved recreational weed, delivery and business, the town was known to have a fairly strong black market for marijuana. However, as more and more cultivators and businesses abide by the regulations, the black market will be easier to snuff out.

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In February, the county set out certain regulations aimed at decreasing the negative effects, lie the smell, of cultivating cannabis. These regulations included plans to regulate abatement for the smell and a representative was to be appointed that would be solely in charge of complaints for the smell of cannabis. Coastal regulators of  Carpinteria are set to review the regulations and they should implement the plans in due time.

What causes the smell?

The smell is not caused by things like weed delivery in Carpinteria. The plant matter that has already been cultivated usually does not emit much smell as it already sealed.

The main issue for the Carpinterian residents is when the plant is growing, and the plant’s flowers, or buds, contain two main chemicals responsible:

  1. Terpenes
  2. Terpenoids


These are not only found in the cannabis plant, they can be identified in many other trees and flowers as well. The Terpene chemical is a part of the essential oil of the plant. This chemical is responsible for the smell and also the hops that are found in beer.


These are very similar to the latter and nearly every single living organism have some sort of terpenoid. They are responsible also responsible for the scent found in many different flowers and spices (think cinnamon, rosemary, etc) and make the cannabis plant smell the way it does.

The cannabis industry is still a fledgling in the greater sense and many of the various counties and cities are scrambling to catch up to the eager market. Regulations are still being drafted in most areas, and in the case of Carpinteria only patience and time will tell how the legal weed market will be implemented and how the postcard perfect town will be impacted.

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  1. Avatar for NEo NEo July 1, 2018 / 3:26 am / Reply

    Time will tell how the legal weed market will be implemented.

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