Californian Cannabis Lounges Could Create Increased Awareness

Californian Cannabis

Since the legalisation of the Adult Use of marijuana there have been many changes in regulations across the cities and counties of California. Some have been more eager than others to embrace marijuana into their communities. Many marijuana dispensaries and even a few marijuana smoking lounges from Vacaville to West Hollywood have opened their doors amidst the unstable reactions from the communities.

The Vacaville city councilman grudgingly made moves to regulate legal marijuana after Proposition 64 was passed in November. However some communities have embraced the Proposition with more open arms. West Hollywood was one of the the first cities in the county of Los Angeles to allow stores to sell cannabis to anyone the age of 21 or over with an I.D.

A tourism agency, called Visit West Hollywood, offers visitors five different cannabis smoking lounges on their website alongside Boulevard shopping and sunset strip nightlife. West Hollywood is one of the first cities that offer these type of smoking lounges.  West Hollywood could be the very first city in Southern Californian to allow cannabis lounges to open their doors.

Jackie Rocco, the overseer for the program, to allow these smoking lounges in the city, stated that to have a space that allows the safe space for the legal consumption of marijuana products is crucial for the city of West Hollywood.

When the State of California voted to implement Proposition 64 in 2016, they also voted to approve the ban on all consumption in public areas. However the landlords have the right to regulate marijuana use on their private property.

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This means that tourists visiting the state have little safe and legal place to consume marijuana. Most hotels and establishments can fine tourist for smoking weed on their property. There are, however, a few ‘bud and breakfasts’ that will allow the smoking of marijuana on their properties. Cannabis consumption is restricted for most Californians. Landlords can restrict tenants from using cannabis, in any medium. That means that Californians could be left with a pass to consume cannabis however unable to consume anywhere. In addition to this, residents can be evicted from federal subsidised housing if they are found to have been using marijuana in the federal house. This is where the subject of cannabis lounges comes into play. Cannabis lounges are a place where people can consume marijuana, whether smoking, vaping or eating. Rocco stated that these cannabis lounges could be a way to address these issues.

Rocco said that the lounges will assist in moving marijuana use out of the shadows and something that is enjoyed in social environments. Cannabis lounges can eradicate the demonisation that cannabis has gathered over the decades of misinformation.

Each California city will have the option to decide for themselves whether or not they will allow cannabis lounges within their cities. However the future for marijuana in Vacaville, West Hollywood or any other city could include lounges and marijuana dispensaries, even in Vacaville.

In order for marijuana lounges or marijuana dispensaries in Vacaville to open their doors no other special licence is required from the State. However, if a lounge is to be opened then the lounge would need to have clearance from the state to sell their marijuana. In addition to this, no alcohol or tobacco can be consumed within the lounge. No lounge is allowed to open up within six hundred feet of a school and all cannabis consumption must be out of public sight.

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However Californian cities are slow to allowing this type of lounge to open up. Only a few cities have released permits for cannabis lounges so far that will allow for cannabis consumption on the premise.

Cities like San Fransisco have been tolerant with their smoking lounges and marijuana dispensaries compared to cities like Vacaville.

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