Can I get Medical Marijuana at a Dispensary if I have been Approved but have Lost my Card?

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The majority of states require a physical card to be on hand. This applies to dispensaries that keep a record of your information. Legally speaking, it is required to have a medical marijuana card to physically show the staff at the marijuana dispensary if medical marijuana is to be purchased. It may be possible to obtain medical marijuana from a dispensary if you still have the recommendation letter of the doctor. Check for you area and/or city or county. Also it will be handy to contact the dispensary beforehand so that you will know whether or not a recommendation letter will be accepted.

That being said, if you do lose your medical marijuana card and are already an approved and registered as a medical marijuana patient then losing your medical marijuana card is not a massive setback.

It is possible to get a new medical marijuana card in as little as ten minutes.

The approved Proposition 215 in 1996 made it possible for patients to use marijuana for the medicinal properties the plant potentially has. This medical marijuana was, until the recent legalisation of recreational marijuana use in some counties, only allowed to be used when the patient had a medical marijuana card that holds as a recommendation from a physician. Recreational marijuana is legal in some counties but not in all cities or areas. Physicians are only allowed to recommend cannabis and physicians are not permitted to actually prescribe it, technically speaking. This technicality is tased primarily on the fact that marijuana, as a plant or substance, is illegal under federal law. However the law also stipulates that patients may consume marijuana as long as they have a doctors recommendation.

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This doctors recommendation comes in many different terms across the United States. Some call it MMID while others know it as a license and still more refer to it as a ganja card. Whatever you call it, it is just a recommendation or advise from a licensed physician that states that you are eligible to use medicinal marijuana. This recommendation is one of a few things that a medicinal marijuana dispensary requires from you. The following is absolutely necessary when purchasing medical marijuana from a medicinal marijuana dispensary:

  •   A physician’s recommendation, in writing, that states your name, ID number, date, renewal date, and embossed seal with the physicians signature
  •   The doctor’s recommendation needs to be able to be verified by the dispensary

Once you have supplied the dispensary with these details and become a registered dispensary member then you will not need to supply these details to that same dispensary again. The medical marijuana card and your ID card will be efficient should you wish to purchase from that same dispensary again. This card will be accepted until it needs to be renewed. The card is valid for one year.

If you have lost your card then the process to get a new one is almost the same as applying for a licence. This is not as complicated as it first might sound.

How to get a Medical Marijuana Card in Person

It is possible for you to go directly to your family physician and ask for a medical marijuana recommendation. Whether or not he or she will provide you with a recommendation is dependant on their beliefs and views on medical marijuana. There are a few physicians who are known to be ready to recommend cannabis if the patient is eligible, these doctors are often called ‘cannabis-certified’ doctors. These doctors specialise in medical cannabis.another name that these particular doctors are known as is the ‘420 doctors’.

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However some of these evaluation centres do not provide the most savoury experiences as these centres are in areas that can be sometimes dangerous and difficult to come by. While this may only be the case for centers in larger cities most dispensaries can also be filled with long lines of people waiting on the evaluation. This is where the online medical marijuana card application can come in handy.

How to get a Medical Marijuana Card Online

The state of California has a set of certain medical conditions that qualify you for a medical marijuana card. The most popular and simple way to obtain for a medical marijuana card is to apply for the card online. As an applicant, you fill out a medical evaluation form the same as you would do if you were at a doctor’s practice, in person. Some sites also allow you uploading of existing medical forms. Most online evaluation serves offer the actual evaluation for no charge however if you get approved by the doctor, then a small fee will be charged. Also, you will be able to choose if you just want the recommendation letter or if you wish to obtain the actual medical marijuana card as well. Most states and cities only require the recommendation letter however having the card makes the visit to the dispensary quick and easy.

You will need to be able to communicate with the doctor either telephonically or with video chat. This ‘consultation’ will cover your symptoms and what symptoms you may be experiencing as well as medical history. The doctor may even discuss how marijuana could be used to assist you. If you are approved then you will receive the recommendation in a PDF format via email. This recommendation can be printed out and used to visit a dispensary to obtain medicinal marijuana. Some dispensaries are very strict and require the original letter, which will be delivered to you within a few days. On this letter you will find doctor’s signature, and the physician’s seal. the medical marijuana card will be included as well if you selected to have it as well.

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