Can Marijuana Be An Alternative To Conventional Skin Treatments?

Have you ever had an idea, how marijuana could actually be the answer to all your skin problems?The use of cannabis has always been debated, but recent studies in the medicine show that it can actually cure certain serious skin conditions. Numerous cultures have been using marijuana to cure skin infections, burns, and wounds since centuries. In fact, the Chinese emperor Shin-Nung was called the “Father of Chinese Medicine” due to his success in using weed for treatment. Though cannabis therapy is not readily encouraged, many people have experienced relief through this magical her

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Why Do Skin Ailments Occur?

Chronic skin ailments occur due to genetic, environmental or lifestyle influences. Lifestyle influences include obesity, smoking, poor health, stress, poor diet, alcohol and certain medical prescriptions. Environmental influences include climate changes or even dramatic changes in humidity.

Most people consult dermatologists, but conventional medicine often worsens the situation. For example, isotretinoin is a very common drug prescribed to treat serious cases of acne. Its side effects vary between joint pain to Crohn’s disease and depression.  Patients can use cannabis oil to enjoy its therapeutic benefits without intoxication. Gw Pharmaceuticals supports the statement saying, “It has previously been shown that cannabinoid-containing plant extracts can be used either alone or in combination to usefully treat various diseases and conditions. These data presented herein provide evidence for the use of cannabinoid-containing plant extracts for the treatment of diseases and conditions that are alleviated by blockade of the TRP channels.”

The Ingredients Of Cannabis Oil

The ingredients of cannabis oil

Cannabis oil contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which lock moisture in our skin and prevents premature aging. It is also rich in gamma-linoleic acid that promotes healthy cell production and heals inflammation. It is also used for making daily use products such as pain and itch reliever, bath additives and ointments.

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Now that we know how cannabis really works, let us see how some of the common skin problems can be treated.

Eczema and Psoriasis

Why do skin ailments occur
Eczema is an overreaction to a strained immune system, which can be coupled with stress, hormonal changes or dehydration. Cannabis oil greatly helps in relieving the biggest issues related to eczema, dryness, and itchiness. Over-the-counter products contain preservatives and scents which cause side effects, so it’s better to stick to something natural. Psoriasis sufferers can also use cannabis oil to reduce itchiness and redness and to moisturize their skin.

Patients can consume two tablespoons of cannabis oil every day, or they can typically apply cannabis oil butter to the problem areas.



Acne is another skin condition triggered by stress, hormonal changes or lifestyle influences. Though there are divided opinions on the use of cannabis to treat acne, studies have proved that the oil contains anti-inflammatory properties. According to some researchers, this could be an alternative to the side effects of conventional acne treatments. Cannabis can decrease inflammation, redness and shrink the size of acne over time. Dermatologists also recommend their patients to drink plenty of water, take care of their diet and to abstain from smoking weed until the acne has healed. Moreover, smoking weed leads to further breakouts.



Rosacea causes flare-ups on the skin. This could be as a result of an affected immune system, hormonal changes or heredity. The affected areas, which include facial skin, become red, dry and itchy. Inhaling cannabis would produce little positive effects to rosacea sufferers, but one can use a topical cannabis tincture regularly. Rosacea sufferers should include healthy fats in their daily diets, such as coconut, almond, and avocado to support hormonal changes.

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Body pain

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Swollen joints are not only painful, but they pose a problem for easy movement as well. Topical cannabis application reduces inflammation and pain by offering fast and location-specific relief. Especially beneficial for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, users have reported less pain throughout the day and peaceful sleep as well. Cannabis oil can also be used for treating burns, for faster healing than most antibiotic creams.

Skin infections

skin infections

Bacterial or fungal skin infections are quickly healed by applying cannabis oil to the affected area. Targeting the root of the problem, it will treat oral infections, herpes, and infected hair follicles. Cannabis oil also treats skin abnormalities by applying cannabis tincture to the surface and covering it with a waterproof bandage. Unlike smoking weed, applying cannabis oil daily can improve your skin’s elasticity and giving it a healthy glow.

So, do you think that cannabis oil could be a perfect alternative for conventional medicine? For now, it’s not an easy answer as many are still hesitant to discontinue their conventional medication. The best solution, in this case, would be to consult a dermatologist as self-experimentation with medicines could be dangerous. Once you have figured out the best treatment, continue with it religiously to see amazing results in no time.

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