Canada Weed Market Struggling to Supply Massive Demand

Canada Weed Market Struggling to Supply Massive Demand

Now that cannabis sales are legal in Canada, folks, there are ordering it in huge quantities. The Canada weed market relies heavily in some areas on cannabis delivery, but in Ontario, supply is unable to meet demand. Although brand new, the industry is experiencing its first glitches. The Ontario Cannabis Store is begging consumers for some understanding and a great deal of patience.

Cannabis Delivery in Ontario

Although the Canadian government legalized marijuana and sales go live nationwide last week, provinces and territories made their own decisions about how to sell it to consumers. Some chose to use a privately run store, others run by the government. Mail order delivery is legal, in fact, required in some of the remotest regions. Unlike the United States, Canadians should have easy access to pot.

However, due to “unbelievably high demand” and job strikes by Canada Post employees, Ontario is unable to supply customers with product. This combination is causing massive delays in wait times for legal marijuana. In a press release, the Ontario Cannabis Store, responsible for delivering weed to consumers across the province, explained the current predicament:

“Our staff is working around the clock to fulfill customer orders. Still, the unbelievably high demand and complications related to rotating strikes at Canada Post will mean longer-than-expected delivery times for some people. While a majority of first-day orders will be fulfilled within days, many first-day customers will see delivery times that are longer.”

Although it may seem that Ontario Cannabis Store has it all under control, the reality is actually worse. It also said, “With over 9,000 Canada Post workers off the job in the GTA today, delivery times could be further impacted as the situation at Canada Post unfolds.” Despite the convenience of cannabis delivery, it appears that legal pot will take much longer to arrive than what the illegal market can provide.

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Speeding Cannabis Sales

The Ontario Cannabis Store is placating consumers with promises to sort out the issues causing these massive delays. It says it has a contingency plan in place to resolve the labor dispute at Canada Post and “will provide details at such time it would become necessary to put this plan into action.” To be fair, the province is at a disadvantage: Ontarians ordered more weed online in the first day of legalization than all other territories and provinces combined.

“Despite this,” it promises in the press release, “Ontario Cannabis Store has adequate product supply to fulfill these orders and continues to receive supply on a regular basis.” This means that supplying the demand is not the problem, but rather getting it to consumers in a timely manner. For now, pot, which became legal on October 17, is only available through the Ontario Cannabis Store website.

In April, private stores will start cannabis sales under the watchful eye of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario. This should help to ease the burden significantly, but until then, consumers have no choice but to buy through the malfunctioning Ontario Cannabis Store or break the law buying from their dealers of yesterday. Ontario is not alone, however. All of Canada is experiences issues due to high demand.

Fixing the Canada Weed Market

Across Canada, consumers are frustrated. Some retail outlets in Edmonton, for example, have had no weed to sell for days already. They are struggling to restock supply. According to Winnipeg’s CityNews, most stores are now offering only limited products, since they sold out of most strains within days. Their online store had no stock just hours into legalization.

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Quebec also has fast-dwindling stock. It is now alerting consumers of a supply shortage that includes pre-rolled joints, gels, sprays, and oils. No edibles are currently available anywhere in Canada, at least not legally, and will stay off the shelves for another year, if not more, until the federal government finalizes regulations for edible pot products.

Delayed Orders for Cannabis Delivery

People are unhappy with the delays experienced by Ontario Cannabis Store. Many fear that, despite payment, the store is canceling their orders. A quick search online reveals multiple reports of this happening to residents in Ontario, with many claiming that their pre-authorized credit card charges are disappearing, leading them to assume cancellation of their orders.

However, the Ontario Cannabis Store says that these orders are still underway. Disappearance of these charges simply means the order is still in progress and the final payment is still under processing. It claims delays are possible before these charges appear on a person’s statement, but consumers can expect to receive confirmation of shipping soon. Canada Post strikes are also responsible for delays.

The Ontario Cannabis Store admits to canceling some orders, mostly because of security concerns. These typically involve mismatches of a customer’s billing and banking addresses. However, they will receive a cancelation email if this ever happens, which should detail all potential issues and explain exactly why customers are not getting cannabis delivery any time soon.

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