Cannabis Activists Call for Interstate Trade

Cannabis Activists

A number of cannabusinesses and cannabis activists are petitioning for the interstate marijuana trade. They are appealing four governors of states experienced in the legal industry to request its federal approval. Such a move could set a positive precedent for the eventual and likely legalization of cannabis nationwide. A group, the Alliance for Sensible Markets, posted an open letter online. It is forward, just what we need.

Addressed to the governors of California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington, the letter requests immediate guidance. Specifically, on the likely response of the U.S. Department of Justice, or DOJ, should state decide to regulate commerce across state lines? It demands to know how it would react should medical or recreational cannabis, or both, become a commodity for interstate trade.

Economic Motive

Cannabis legalization at the federal level, which is imminent, will offer significant economic opportunity for Western states that grow it. The letter reads, “When the federal government legalizes cannabis, the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution guarantees that producers across our four states will have non-discriminatory access to every legal adult-use and medical market in the country.”

For governments, the lure of profit will likely prove very tempting. The letter further explains, “That will be worth billions of dollars per year to our states’ economies, increasing state revenues and spurring investment, expansion, business formation and jobs, and could if it happens soon, save thousands of small farms and businesses from extinction.”

From Portland, Oregon, the Alliance for Sensible Markets is a group of cannabis producers and activists. It includes the Washington Sun and Craft Growers Association, the Colorado Cannabis Manufacturers Association, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, or NORML, and the Weed for Warriors Project. Since last year, it has been connecting businesses and states for interstate commerce.

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Statewide Commerce to Usher in Federal Cannabis Market

The goal is a national policy that would allow businesses to operate freely, without interference, in state-legal industries. Expanding this interstate could prove viable politically for many legalization goals. Adam Smith is the Founder and President of Alliance for Sensible Markets. He says cannabis commerce at an interstate level will provide numerous benefits for both consumers and producers alike.

Smith believes that free commerce nationwide would connect users in markets newly legalized with cannabis producers in the West. Wholesale prices have been plummeting for these businesses over recent weeks. The effect of this on people is proving disastrous. Many are facing dire financial problems. For some, continuing is becoming increasingly too expensive with ever-falling profit margins.

In an email to High Times, Smith wrote, “Thousands of small farms and businesses across the Pacific Northwest, in communities that have depended on the economics of cannabis for generations, face economic catastrophe as they choke on a glut of some of the world’s best and most efficiently produced cannabis.” The problem is not oversupplying, he says. Rather, it is a market access issue.

In the interim, millions of consumers and patients in states where cannabis is legal and overpriced to grow, as well as costly to the environment, will find themselves forced into illicit markets for the near future. Further, thousands of prospective cannabis delivery, retail, distribution, and other services will be waiting inexcusably for a reliable but restricted and expensive supply chain to grow in their states.

Future Federal Industry

The group says the existing framework of regulated commerce, with each legal state operating its own market, is unsustainable. Each contains its manufacturing, production, cultivation, distribution, and sales within its own borders. The group wants federal guidance now, instead of waiting for eventual legalization nationally. It aims for a sustainable industry that improves the lives of all of its stakeholders.

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The letter ends, “We believe that the simple act of asking the question will significantly advance the national conversation around the future of legal cannabis.” It explains that, “positive guidance from DOJ will spur changes beneficial to both producer and consumer states, as well as to patients, consumers, public safety, social equity, small businesses and environmental sustainability in any legal or medical states that choose to regulate and engage in commerce in advance of federal legalization.”

Smith believes that more experienced and established states in cannabis commerce can greatly shape national policy. California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington, pioneers of legalization in its early days, are in a unique position to influence federal regulation. It is crucial that they guide federal agencies in creating an equitable, fair, and sustainable industry.

“Federal legalization will open markets,” Smith explained. “But waiting for the federal government to ‘fix’ cannabis has never been a winning strategy. It has always been the states taking the lead on reform. DOJ guidance will open the path to more rational, just, sustainable industry, in states that choose to participate in commerce.”

Currently, the Alliance for Sensible Markets is campaigning for a wider reach. It is encouraging more and more businesses, consumers, and other interested stakeholders to sign. It intends to deliver the letter next month to each of the four western governors mentioned. If successful, it could well pave the way for federal legalization sooner rather than later, a move anticipated by millions.

Marijuana Delivery Hollywood

For now, it remains illegal to transport cannabis across state lines. Weed delivery companies may only operate within a legal state’s jurisdiction. In Hollywood, you can search online for reliable cannabis delivery services and have the best quality in under an hour. Those living out of state or in illegal states are still reliant on illicit trade. This call intends to change that and give everyone access to legal markets.

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